Thursday, June 6, 2013


One of my sisters called yesterday to tell me that my dad had fallen while working.
He's 75 and still goes to work every day.
I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
He's always said he'll retire the day he dies.
I believe him.
He has a helper now...
a nice guy who is basically his hands
and my dad tells him and teaches him what to do.
I think its a good trade. dad broke his leg.
Not good but he'll be ok...
We'll know more today {I hope} when he goes to see a surgeon.
He's not the most compliant person you've ever met.
He'll push his limits
and may or may not
listen to his doctors
who are probably telling him
to keep weight off of it
and stay home and rest.
I was shaking my head last night at the very thought.
My husband laughed at me when I told him this.
He said I'm just like my dad
so try not to get mad at him
when he doesn't always listen to medical advice.
{like when I went to a specialist for something a few years ago.
Her advice was that I stop running .
What did I do?
I quit the doctor instead.}
So maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Here he is as a little boy...
isn't he the cutest?

Trust me.
He's also the sweetest and the best.
His nickname is Buddy.
Say a little prayer for him today if you think about it.
I appreciate it more than you know. :)


  1. Came over from Vicki's. Sending up prayers for your dad.

  2. Sorry, meant to say I came over from Suburban Charm. Vicki is another one of my dear "empty nest" blog friends. Chalk it up to a rainy Thursday!


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