Friday, June 7, 2013

don't do both

Thanks for your kind emails and comments
and especially for saying prayers for my Dad.
He is scheduled for surgery today to have a rod put in his leg.
He broke it in two ain't pretty.
My DH and I tried to figure out how to get me there today.
The ticket is crazy expensive but my sweet DH reminded me that
that's what money is for.
After the kids went to bed we sat down to figure out the details
{little things like what to do with the kids today while he went to work}
He mentioned Tropical Storm Andrea.
Where have I been?
A tropical storm already?
Headed for Savannah?
Where have I been?
Now that I think about it my sister did mention
that it was raining really bad yesterday.
So I email her...
"There's someone trying to come to Savannah with me.
Her name is Andrea."
She writes back...
"Yep, she's a pistol."
And also a game changer.
So it looks like I'm staying put.
But I know my dad will be ok.

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I remember 50 cent in an interview saying
{yes, I am about to quote a rapper}
"Pray or Worry. Don't do both."

A sweet new blog friend of mine
from suburban charm
wrote a beautiful post yesterday
asking for prayers for several people in need of comfort.
Please click on over to read their stories and lift them up today.


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  1. Oh, Nsncy. I am behind and just now learning of your dad's fall. I am praying for his surgery and quick healing. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


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