Monday, June 17, 2013

life changer

Last week was filled with lots of things.
Drama, sadness, fear, all the things that you might imagine
when an aging parent has a health crisis.
But it also had moments of happiness
in that I got to spend time with a couple of my sisters
that I very rarely get a chance to visit.
The last time in fact that we got so much time together
was when my dad had triple bypass surgery in 2006.
A little background on my family.
I have four sisters...
Sister #1 is hard to explain...let's leave it at that.
Sister #2 is a sweetie pie.
She has a special needs son and is a devoted mother to him.
Then there's me, #3.
Sister #4 is a hoot and we always cut the fool when we're together.
She's a school teacher and is the one sister who lives closest to our parents.
Sister #5 - she may be the youngest but I think she may be the wisest of us all.
Dad was only allowed two visitors at a time
so we spent our time waiting and
 rotating in and out
like a "tag - you're up" rotation.
One day in the waiting room sister #5 starts talking about
this lady named Brene Brown.
She ended up pulling up this video on her iphone
and we watched Brene's TED talk.
I sat there thinking that this talk might be a life changer for me.
Watch the video yourself and tell me if it speaks to you too.

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  1. I watched the video you posted about this morning. It's funny how I was struggling with an issue over the weekend and then you post this video, which I felt was speaking directly to me. Thank you....very powerful message. Definitely a life changer. I plan to share it with my family...blessings to you.


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