Friday, June 7, 2013

ramblings on the reno...first purchase made!

I can't remember if it all started with the lights or the sink...
or to be honest I should say that I can't remember
which one I'd been whinjing about more loudly.
I think I complained loud enough and often enough to
where it became a subliminal thought in my husband's head
and suddenly he got onboard with a kitchen renovation.
Either way...its ON!
The contractor is lined up to start the first week in August
{the only week this summer when all three will be in camp}
and the first purchase has been made.
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I was planning to order these lights
+ the sink 
+ the faucet
through a new-to-me site I'd found that carried all three
Plus I had a coupon for 15% off the lights
and free shipping + no taxes to boot.
But I'm still going back and forth between two Rohl faucets
{I'm a Libra...can you tell?}
so I hadn't placed an order yet.
Then the other day Horchow had a 30% off sale...
and even with the savings I mentioned above
it was still cheaper (though only slightly)
to order through Horchow
{even with taxes and shipping}.
Sorry for all the nitty gritty details but some of you may care.
And you know saving money is like a game for me.
I love it.
So now these lovelies
via apartment therapy
are on their way to the house
there's no going back now.
Now I just have to stop flip-flopping on faucets.
Stay tuned.

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