Wednesday, June 5, 2013

random pics...

from our trip in March to Palmetto Bluff
where we ran the first annual PB half marathon.
If this tells you anything...
{the water station at mile 6}
 {and yes, that is a real linen tablecloth}
then you know
it was the swankiest race I've EVER run.
We've already registered for next year's race.
I think.
Add that to the list of things to check on.
You may remember that our good friends
 have a second home in PB
Last summer we spent
THE most perfect family vacation
with them.
We fell in love with the place
and almost immediately
both of us knew
that this is where we want to end up.
More on that for another post.
While we were there
we did what we all
love to do...
look at houses.
Our friends know everybody there
 so we were able to go see
several houses that were in the midst of construction.
For a design addict it doesn't get any better than this.
You may remember this one as the "bowling alley" house
since there is indeed a bowling alley
being built underneath the main house.
This is one of the back porches...
Notice the pattern in the fireplace...
its herringbone.

Here's the view from the porch
looking out over the marsh
{and the infinity swimming pool}


Herringbone isn't just for fireplaces...
here's a walkway leading to one of the guest houses...

From there we went to go look at other houses.
Along the way we stopped at the community garden.
Here's the storage shed for the garden...

I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
On either side there is a "locker room"...

where you can put all your gardening equipment etc...

The seats lift up for added storage.
Love the barnyard light...


and the lanterns...

Spring had not yet sprung
but still it was beautiful...

Love the copper weathervane...

Across the street is a statue made of driftwood...

Around the corner from here is another house
currently under construction
that we fell in love with...
Will see if I can find pictures of the inside...stay tuned.
Are you in love with the place yet?
These might help...

Will try to post more pics tomorrow to seal the deal.


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