Monday, June 3, 2013

you gotta start somewhere

I officially made it through my first training session for Pilates!
It was not what I expected or prepared for.
The same could be said for life in general.
Am I right?
I've been thinking about doing this since my first Pilates teacher suggested I get certified.
That was a few years and one baby ago.
I'm not even sure that this is the path to be on but
I know that it has stayed on my mind and in my heart for all this time.
I spoke to my girlfriend from back home last Friday on the phone.
I called her to see how married life was going one month in.
{happy by the way}
We were reminiscing about the "good old days"
when we were young and single and working together...
our labs were right across from each other and we would
meet hours before the building officially opened
to get our reactions started
and we would stay late most nights
getting experiments and other work done.
We'd help each other do whatever...
kind of like a "no man left behind" thing.
Outside of work we did everything together too.
This girl. She knows my dirt.
You know what I'm saying?
Its like she knows the "before" to my current "after."
The thing is... I'm remodeling again. :)
Anyway I had never told her of this idea I had been harboring ...of getting certified.
I just told her that I was ready to go back to work and to find my niche.
She said the first thing that came to her head for me was yoga and pilates.
 That's the first thing she said.
I'm taking that as a sign.
So Saturday arrived.
I was very nervous.
I ran with my peeps for an hour trying to get rid of some of that.
It worked a little.
To be expected right?
So then I looked for quotes to inspire myself.
Here's what I found....
My peep Laura also sent me some :)
Just when I needed it.

There's one other girl in training with me.
A very lovely woman.
Together with our teacher
{who was a student of Romana Kryzanowska} 
 we did two traditional mat workouts...
one when we started and then again at the end of the day.
The interim time between the workouts was spent
learning the fundamentals like breathing.
Yesterday we had to teach the other how to do the fundamentals.
All these months I've been perseverating and studying anatomy
because I didn't know anything about it...
uh yeah we maybe talked about it for 5 minutes. ha!
I spent three hours before class yesterday working on notes and queues.
You know that I love writing words.
Apparently not so much using them to instruct another adult human being.
 Give me a kid and I can boss them up and down the street.
Maybe it was having the expert teacher just sit there watching and listening.
In a word...awkward.
When I got home last night I felt just foolish in a way.
But then I got to thinking...
Yesterday I sucked as a teacher but hey...that only leaves one way to go and that is up! 

I was not a total embarrassment.
I think.
Just gotta find my teacher mojo...
any tips on how to get it?
leave a comment below.

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