Wednesday, July 24, 2013

another mother runner

or two...
Two of my younger ones... have recently started running.
To say that I'm proud of them would be a severe understatement.
The first step is the hardest...making the decision to do it.
I've been running for a decade now and it is still a hard choice to make...
I'm always tempted to sleep in but I know that I always feel better afterwards.
Its baby steps really.
Getting up and getting dressed is the first step.
Then its just one foot in front of the other...
and keep falling forward.
I'm just gonna throw this out there.
And I hope they don't choke on their breakfast as they read this...
but I'm hoping that one day we get to run a half marathon together.
I said it.
I threw the first bone.
Now let's see what they come back with...
stay tuned.

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