Tuesday, July 30, 2013

magic of ordinary days

Yesterday it registered 104 on the thermometer outside.
To say its hot outside would be an understatement.
So we've been staying inside in the a/c or outside in the pool.
Yes, thankfully we have a pool in the back yard...


You can have one too for $35 from Target :)
But be forewarned:
It took longer for me to figure out how to inflate it
than they ended up playing in it.

Staying inside during the extreme heat of the day
the boys have gotten their pilates on with me...

pretty good huh?
That's Zb doing the "star"
{a very advanced move I might add}.
We try to run a bunch of errands early in the morning.
Some fun and others mundane so we've taken to trading off...
we go places they like as in Toys R Us to pick out a little Lego kit...
then we go places I need to go like the grocery and Target
and maybe even to look for things like purses and jewelry.
By the way...

If you want a J Crew necklace knock off
and you live in Houston try Sam Moon...
I'd never heard of it before I saw it in my rear view mirror
as I was ordering some tacos at my favorite taqueria El Rey...


they were marked as $8.99 with matching earrings...

Tell me that they don't look like J Crew's version...

J.Crew - Bubble necklace
J Crew Bubble Necklace $150

Total SCORE!

On the "next big project" front...
all the items have arrived for the kitchen reno
and are now taking over waiting in the dining room.

Plus I put four slabs of Caesarstone's London Gray on hold...

I took various shots to get a perfect shot of the veining...

We walked the whole slab yard and my husband agreed
that it looks most like marble.
Here's a pic of carrara marble...

My husband is so funny...he goes...
"um, I know you've done your research, and I know we're starting in a week, BUT
if we like the look of marble so much
then why are we not using it?"
Have you not been paying attention?
Where have you been?
BUT it etches and stains easily
and we have three boys.
Need I say more?
If I had a nickel for every time
one of them does something
or throws something
and I think to myself
"Now THAT is going to leave a mark"
I would be a very rich woman indeed.
And just in case you aren't near a stone yard that carries the London Gray...
they have a new brochure with large "chips"
so you can see
what it might look like in your project
I took a picture of the brochure page of London Gray
right next to the sample of it...

spot on if you ask me.
 Demo starts Monday :)

Will post pictures as the mess begins.

Beyond excited!!!!

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