Thursday, July 11, 2013

picture post...georgia florida

I'm in the middle of procrastinating...
I have to finish a project
and all I want to do is anything but that
so how about I post some pictures
from our annual tour of the deep south?
We always make a detour off I-10 and venture up to see
the two small towns where my parents grew up...
We're hoping to imprint our kids brains about where I come from.
Here they are on the steps of the house where my dad was born.
He was born at home back in the day.
It used to be so pretty but after my grandmother moved into a nursing home
the place became a rental for a number of years.
Someone bought it a few years ago and tried to fix it up.
Its for sale now.
Had they left it in its original state I'd have bought it and moved it.
Too late...the things that were so lovely about it are long gone.
The view from the back yard now...
After Pavo we always stop in Barney, Georgia to buy peaches.
Hands down the best peaches I've ever had...
Last year we stopped in Amelia Island for a day at the beach.
We had so much fun we decided to stay longer.
 We spent mornings at the beach,
afternoons at the pool
and drank and ate and played.
It was heaven... 
they even had fun running laps up and down the boardwalk to the beach.
I wonder whose idea that was?

We found so many beautiful shells to add to our collection...

Such happy memories...I think its official that we all love Amelia Island.
Then it was on to Savannah
where we had "Cousin Camp 2013"
with my nieces and nephews.
My mom had t-shirts made so they posed "in order"

{one little nephew is not pictured but was at camp}

and you know we made them climb all the steps up to the top
of the lighthouse...gotta get their excess energy out somehow.
Once we got to the top my nephew asked me:
"Aunt Nancy, why are you sweating so much?"
After we left Tybee we drove one island over
to see the house where I grew up...


my parents downsized a few years ago
and now a family with triplets lives there.
It was awesome growing up with so much yard to play in.
and if you can believe this
my sisters and I used to climb this tree all the way up
to that first big branch you see about twenty feet up on the left.
Great big wisteria vines used to grow all over it
and we'd climb it like little mountaineers.
One thing we do now every year is take a trolley tour of Savannah.
I've learned more in those one hour tours
than I ever did in my 30 years living in Savannah.
Highly recommend if you go there visiting.
One of the stops was at St. John's Cathedral
where we were able to light candles
for a sweet friend of ours who is battling cancer.

I love that our boys lit candles for her as well.
It was a beautiful way to end our trip to my hometown.
Part two to follow...stay tuned.

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  1. LOVE this post! You have such a beautiful family! I am hoping to take my crew back to where I grew up next summer and show them my old stomping grounds and where my parents lived. Looks like it was a wonderful trip!


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