Friday, July 26, 2013

the dating world

About a year ago my husband started taking our kids' birthdays off from work.
We usually spend their big days running around frantically
trying to get cakes and presents etc...
My youngest turned five in May.
On Zb's birthday this year we started the day off at the boys' school.
One of the twins received a math award
that we didn't even know about
until we read the school newspaper.
Am I the only parent who can't get information out of their kid?
As we made our way to the awards ceremony in the school cafeteria
we ran into the beautiful person that helped us have our family...
a sweet friend who delivered all our babies.


I love it when the universe works in its mysterious ways don't you?
To run into her on his birthday of all days.

So after we dropped Zb off at preschool,
we got some last minute things done
then realized we had two hours before we had to pick anybody up.
We decided to grab some lunch and then managed to go see
We rarely get time by ourselves
just the two of us
so to squeeze a little date into the middle of the day was
in a word...

That was the last date I've been on in months.
Until last week.
Our older guys were enrolled in a summer camp for the week
so it was me and just my big little guy hanging out together.
One morning as we dropped them off I asked Zb what he wanted to do with our day.
"Mama. Do you wanna have a date with me?"
He's an old man in a little person's body.
As a matter of fact I do I told him.
So we went to the science museum and I followed him around.
Take a look...

we went to the butterfly museum...

and he kept pointing things out
then telling me to take a picture of him
as he was pointing to things...

a mental note to see if I can find this flower...

the butterflies were AMAZING...

can't really see it clearly but this is an iguana...

they also have some great hands-on exhibits for the kids...
 of course I saw this and wanted to take it home and frame it...

After the butterflies I sweet talked him into going to the Faberge exhibit...




what's this you might be thinking?

who knew he made things like this right?

Sorry for the horrible phone pics...
I tried to get a close-up of the delicate details on the edge of the fan...

If you're in Houston or close by I highly recommend seeing this exhibit.
I only wish my date would have lasted a bit longer...
it was more like a speed date through Faberge
but at least I got to see them in person...
how many people can say that?
Walking to the car
I tried to get Zb to pose by the statue of Sam Houston...

As you can see that was a no-go.
He was mad that we had to leave to go get his brothers.
I think we'll go on another date next week.
How about you?
Any fun dates lately?

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