Monday, July 8, 2013

the real world

We spent 18 hours in the car on Saturday
driving back from Savannah
to the real world.
I don't know which was worse...
the long car trip
or the six mile run I joined my peeps for
on Sunday morning.
One word to describe both...
I forgot about the Houston heat.
The weather on our travels around the deep south was awesome.
Lots of running around to do today
not to mention laundry galore
but I'm also trying to catch up on my blog reading.
Priorities right?
In doing so I read this post on sherri cassara designs.
If you have the time click through to read it too.
I especially loved this quote
I'll try to do a picture dump of my phone and camera.
Cant wait to see the pics from vaca.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I came over to answer your question regarding the image changes. I use Picmonkey to make some changes but mostly to collage and add text. You can change the color of an image through iPhoto if you have a MAC and even through Microsoft Word. Pickmonkey is the easiest. Just upload your image and then under the basic edit you can play around with color by adjusting the saturation, etc.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Oh, meant to say, what a nice surprise to see my name :D Thanks again!!! Have a great day :D

  3. Lovely quote....looking forward to your vaca pictures post!


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