Wednesday, August 21, 2013

best in a long time

I'm working on a before and after post for our kitchen reno.
I really am but I have three little constant interruptions.
Ages 5 through 8.
And that's ok. It can wait.
I suspect it won't be finished until next week.
It will really be a "pending" post
since there's more to finish
like painting the island.
Before I can do that though
I want to finalize the fabric for the window covering.
So I have been looking at fabric online
just to make sure there isn't a fabric I like more.
I know I'll find the perfect one.
Right after I buy some fabric
and have a roman shade made.
Story of my {decorating} life.
I just want to avoid a domino decision.
 And my husband's wrath.
{Just kidding...he's the sweetest really}
Remember how he cracked the code last week?
He sat me down one evening
{the one where the electricians were here until 9:30 PM}
and he said

{We need to talk.}

Now you know that is never good.

{Uh oh, what'd I do now?}

He goes:
{I feel like we do one project,
move on to the next,
and then another,
and then we circle back
and redo what has already been done.}
You may be wondering what I was thinking when he said this.
Now this may sound bad but here goes.
I was thinking this...
{It took you eleven years to figure this out?}
{OK} I said.
I may or may not have had
fingers crossed behind my back
when I said it.
{But I have to do the window.
And then that will impact the family room.
Remember we were going to do that too?
Change the hip chocolate floral to navy and green?
It won't be bad I promise.
Just new curtains.
And maybe a few pillows.
Don't worry.
We have a plan.}

I say we because
I hired someone to double check me.
Sweet and patient Mary Ann is on board
to help me focus
and make a decision :)
More on that in the "pending" post.
In the meantime while I was looking at fabrics
I came across this lovely
Beautiful right?
Love the mix of pillows.

Makes me want to redo our bedroom
if I'm being honest.
We won't mention that to the hubs though.
Now get a load of the before...
I know!
Talk amongst yourselves.
Is that not the best
before and after
you've seen in a long time?
Click here to read about this update
and to see her source list.
I'm off to add  Life on Virginia Street to my blog roll.

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