Monday, August 12, 2013

blogger tutorial - DIY bulletin board

Ladies and gentlemen...
we have a pinterest win.
{as opposed to a pinterest fail seen here}
A few weeks ago a blogger I love
{cottage and vine}
DIY Bulletin Board
I was gobsmacked by it.
It went into my mental file
then into my pinterest account.
I loved it so much so that when my peep Tarsy
asked if I had any ideas to decorate her new work office
this immediately came to mind.
Long story short it took us all day.
But only because we were trying to do it cheap affordably.
In keeping with the DIY theme we wanted to use what we had.
I remembered I had a painters drop cloth from Home Depot that I'd
been saving for a project after deciding not to use them for drapes.
Don't ask.
I got my staple gun, upholstery tacks, ruler, and fabric ready
then called around town to see who carried homasote in stock
{homasote is used as sound barrier insulation
but Martha Stewart used it on a DIY bulletin board
and everybody caught on to use it for craft projects}
Click here to see where to buy homasote in your area.
Four miles away I found a lumbar yard that had it.
Price $19.47 they said.
I'm on my way.
I picked up Tarsy,
a ring pop sucker to bribe my five year old
 and off we went to the lumbar yard.
When we put in our order the guy rang it up and asked for $38 and change.
Um, yeah, I just called and the guy said $19.47.
$38 bucks please.
I look at Tarsy and she looks at me.
We start having a debate about whether to get it or not
and the guy asks what we're up to.
We told him and he recommended another product used for sound barriers
but only 12 bucks.
Can you cut it for us?
We had the 4' x 8' sheet cut in half and loaded it up.
Before my kid finished the ring pop.

We get back to the house and pull out the drop cloth material.
Uh oh.
Apparently I'd used it in my attempt to make a slipcover a while ago.
We needed a couple of inches more to cover the board.
Plan B.
We spent the next few hours running around town trying to find fabric
big enough so that we could cover it with one piece.
Most fabric stores don't carry the reams of 54" fabric anymore.
One place that does?
Hobby Lobby.

After we got the fabric and some more upholstery tacks
it took about 30 minutes to staple it to the board
and figure out where to place the tacks.
The fabric Tarsy chose was a geometric so it took some playing around
but in the end I think it turned out very nicely...


To see the full tutorial visit cottage and vine.
Now Tarsy's co-workers are asking her to make them one as well.
And our other friend Laura is going to do a scaled down version
to lean up against her backsplash and hide pesky wires and plugs
but more importantly to post positive inspiration quotes.
If you do this DIY I'd love for you to send me a picture :)

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