Wednesday, August 21, 2013

counting the days

until school starts.
I have joked for the past couple of years
that the day our youngest starts kindergarten
I was going to have a wine and cheese reception
at my house
at 8am.
But honestly now that its here its very bittersweet.
I know.
Get over it right?
I'm hoping for big things this year.
In addition to figuring out what I want to become
in this second stage of life
I sure hope my youngest finally starts sleeping in his own bed.
He usually comes in between 11pm and 1am.
Every night.
Smack dab during the best sleep of the night for me.
Bribery only works for a short time.
Getting mad doesn't work.
You name it, I've tried it.
I'm having back issues lately because of it.
I sleep like a contortionist
in the little space left over after he wedges himself
in between my husband and I.
But I keep telling myself this:
That I'm gonna miss this.
I didn't used to think that.
I wished away the days when they were little
because I was so dang exhausted.
"I can't wait til __________"
fill in the blank with
"they're walking"
"they're out of diapers"
"they're able to feed themselves"
and so forth and so on.
I realize now that those WERE the easy days.
And honestly I miss those days.
And I want them back.
Or so I think my husband says.
And by the way no we are not having another one.
I've been told by the powers that be.
The factory is closed.
Good news is that my friends are still having them.
I got to hold my friend's cutie patootie baby yesterday.
Six months old and just getting the little rolls that are so yummy.
In the meantime I'm buying backpacks
and pinning ideas for school lunches.
I found these two cute ideas if you have littles...
First Day of School printables
little signs they hold for first day of school pictures.
Good for people like me who take pics of their kids
swearing they'll remember what occasion it is.
Then eight years later you can't figure out even which child it is.
Mother of the year here, right?
Also this little questionnaire...
Back to School Questionnaire- I'm making a scrapbook starting from kindergarten and ending in 12th grade. These questions will be answered the first day of each school year
As my dad says every day is a great day!
Hope yours is happy :)

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