Friday, August 23, 2013

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I'm still slowly working on putting the kitchen back together.
My dining room is full of knick knacks and cookbooks.
I told myself that I can't put anything back
that hasn't been used in six months.
Apparently I have a collection of clear vases
that I didn't even know I collected.
I kept a couple to put roses from the backyard in
and had set the rest aside to take to Goodwill.
Then I saw this post on Mary Ann's blog about antique bottles.
I have a space on top of the little glass cabinet
above the bar area in our kitchen that currently
houses some driftwood spheres
and colored glass like fishing floats...
my plan is to declutter the bookshelves in the family room
and move some of this stuff to those shelves
and put more of the colored glass up here...
I got to thinking.
I remembered this pin that has been
on my projects board for a long time...
re-use old clear vases
and it got me to thinking.
Before I knew it I had rounded up all my spare craft paint
{loving the new back splash!!!!!}
{and you can see the veining in the London Gray Caesarstone....LOVES}
Back to the paint...
I mixed the blues and a dash of black

and voila!

NOTE: It looks gray here but it dried to more of a navy.
I thought I'd just toss this one but its actually quite pretty now.
Let me be honest here.
I didn't follow the tutorial on the pin.
She used enamel paint and a surface conditioner.
Uh yeah.
Hello, my name is Nancy and I'm impatient.
I roll with what I have on hand.
I didn't run out to Michael's to get new paint or a surface conditioner.
I'm type A about cleaning.
Not so much.
I just dumped all the paints in a plastic cup,
swirled and dumped.
Then I just twirled the vase around until the paint coated the whole inside.
Easy peasy lemon breezy.
And in case you wanted to see more back splash...
here it is with the new faucet.


I hung the old curtains up just to get them out of the dining room.
I'm definitely going with a roman shade.
Gotta get these boys in school so I can make a move on that.
Speaking of the boys...
it would appear that somebody got their hands on the iPhone
and took random shots around the house.
Here's one I found...

And you may notice the different color on that little wall above to the right.
Remain calm.
{I'm telling myself that.}
We're not done.
We're just in negotiations about the paint color.
The painters DID paint it White Dove.
And then my husband came home that day
and told them to paint it the color of the family room.
We went back and forth
and just to keep the peace
{since I know we're not done with painting the island}
{and maybe the cabinets...but don't mention that to him}
I let it stay.
Even the painters were shaking their heads at us.
I want to keep mine.
Just keep your eyes focused on the new Hicks pendants.
Don't you just love them?

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