Thursday, August 8, 2013

kitchen reno - day three

Today starts day four of the kitchen reno.
The electrician who came on Tuesday wanted to install the lights.
I about had a heart attack.
Step away from the Hicks pendants.
We are not hanging those til the last minute.
After the ceiling is fixed and painted and everything else is in.
Got it?
He got it, left, and didn't come back.
So his boss came yesterday to finish installing the boxes
and just left the wires hanging.
Today they're supposed to patch and fix the ceiling.
They demolished the back splash yesterday as you can see in this photo...

The carpenter built the reinforcements for the cast iron sink

but the plumber didn't show up to fix the plumbing so he can secure it to the frame.
Hoping he shows today because the counter tops are getting ripped out
and the new Caesarstone is going in!
Here's the new Kohler farmhouse sink...
I was dreaming of a Shaws sink but I read a couple of reviews
that said it didn't drain fully since its handmade
and sometimes not leveled to drain everything.
That was a sticking point for us.
Plus the drain was on the left side which would have caused
plumbing to be moved.
Translation: more money.
Remember my husband's favorite word is budget?
We're sticking to it.
In case you're wondering I bought it through faucet direct.
I found it elsewhere for the same price ($749) but was able to score
free shipping...other places wanted $150 for freight shipping.
I'll take that $150 and spend it elsewhere.
You know I will :)
Hoping for good things today.
Including good news for my dad.
In the meantime this reno is a good distraction.


  1. Looking good! So excited for's fun to see the progress!

  2. Just said a prayer for your dad. God bless you all.


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