Friday, August 16, 2013

delayed in shipping

 You know I ordered a new coffee table from Wisteria.
In April.
Yes, its the one my husband doesn't remember us discussing.
Or me ordering.
Well in any case it still is on backorder.
In other bad news I just saw this one.
via crate & barrel

and here's the kicker...

 Say it with me.
Hello lover.
I want you.
I think I need you in my life.
What to do?
Should I cancel the other table and buy this one?
The only thing is the size...
The one I ordered from Wisteria is 53" long by 40" wide.
Crate & Barrel's is 46" long by 23" wide.
 Did I mention I'm a Libra and have a hard time making decisions?
Feel free to cast your vote in the comments section.


  1. that's so cool Mary Ann! BTW...the table shipped the same day I posted this. Guess the decision was made for me :)


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