Monday, August 19, 2013

little glimmers

You may remember that last year one of our guys did his first triathlon.
My youngest son threw a fit so I gave him the camera to play with and
Yesterday both of the twins took part in the same triathlon.
I gave Zb my new iPhone to keep him busy let him commemorate the occasion.
Without further adieu here is Zb's take on the tri...
my two brothers are in line for the swim part...
I ate the big bag of goldfish mom brought to keep me busy.
I thought they said there'd be doughnuts here.
What do you mean I have to wait?
Can I take pictures then?
Promise I wont buy any games on your phone.
Pictures only.
I promise. 
Can you guess what this is?

A close up of the mesh bottom of the sun chairs.
Bet you've never seen that before.
I'm always thinking outside the box you know.
Yep, they're still in line.
When's this thing supposed to be over?
I've got trouble to find stuff to do.


I love my swim trunks.
Look at the cool skulls.
Mom didn't see those when she bought these I bet.
I love my knees.
Yep, I am the bees knees.

Think I'll take twenty pictures of it.

And my lime green crocs...

Yep, need twenty or so pictures of them too.
Guess what I spy?

I cant have one now?
What do you mean I have to wait til this tri is over?
Ok, fine.
Just for that I'm taking more knee and shoe pictures.

Look at how talented I am.
I can hold the iphone precariously with one hand and still take a picture!

I just took an unflattering picture of my mom.
Bet she won't put it on her blog.

{picture removed by co-author}
Here are my brothers still waiting...

We have splashdown.

and then another...

They're both in the water.
Let the games begin...
Here are both the brothers passing in the pool.
Pool part done...

Time to bike!

Go Dg go!

Ok. Somebody explain to me again why I cant ride my bike too?
Why didn't you bring my bike?
What do you mean I have to wait a year to do this?
In that case take the camera.
I quit.
Hey Mom.
I think you're taking video now instead of pictures.

You don't believe me do you?

Well I hear it in this video at the end.
You go "OH!?!?!"
That's when you realize you've been taking video not pictures.
Oh well.
Obviously I need to find a you tube tutorial about how to work an iphone.
Back to the tri...
The best part of the tri happened at the end.
Twin A started before Twin B
and remained ahead most of the race.
On the run portion though Twin B caught up and ran past A.
We're watching and cheering.
B is a natural runner.
He finds his stride and gives it his all.
On the final lap we lose sight of B behind the big blow up finish line.
We see A taking the last corner but where is B?
Did he just quit?
Is he overheated?
What in the world?
Then we see it.
He was waiting on his brother

so that they could cross the finish line together.

I know.
Every parent at the finish line turned to look at us.
We were all choked up.
The other parents were like "he waited on his brother?"
And that's when the little glimmer of hope radiated in my heart.
The one that says you have been doing something right.
And everything on this rocky road that is parenthood is going to be ok.

Now let's go find those doughnuts!

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