Friday, August 30, 2013

look what finally arrived

So you know I ordered this coffee table in April from Wisteria...
Well after four months on back order
{and me second guessing it during that time}
it finally arrived.
It cost an extra $150 for delivery.
The guy set it down in my entry way and ran.
It is extremely heavy and he didn't want to fool with it anymore.
After staring at the box for an hour
I decided I couldn't wait til hubs came home from work.
I am not one to be deterred when it comes to decorating.
I threw some towels under the box and pushed it through the house.
Then I became a mad woman moving rugs and sofas.

I flipped the PB sectional sofa
(the corner piece is in storage)
with the Charleston sleeper sofa...

still not right...
then I moved the sectional back to its original spot,
moved the leather sofa from hubs' bachelor days in...

and moved the Charleston sleeper sofa into my husband's office...
I thought my mother-in-law was coming to stay with us for a few days
and since she can't climb stairs right now I thought this option
would give her a feeling of privacy.
With the sofas moved around I put the rugs back down and
moved the heavy new coffee table in...
{note that all the coral and hip chocolate floral is on its way out}

I like the size of this...its huge.
Its already covered in Legos.


All this moving and cleaning in the process took all day.
It was time to get the kids from school.
I came home and decided that I hated it.
My husband got home late that night and said he liked it.
The next morning we moved it all back.
His final words to me before he left were to please
 not to spend my whole day
decorating and moving stuff
that we then have to undo and redo.
Me thinks I have too many sofas.
I'm ready to clean house and have a garage sale.
Anybody in?

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