Saturday, August 31, 2013

surrounded by

surround yourself with amazing people!!!
Our running group met as usual for our long run of the week.
We've been meeting on Saturdays now for nearly five years.
One by one we roll into the parking lot.
Occasionally there are screeching tires as a late one flies in before we take off.
Not naming names here.
Once we figure everybody that's coming is there we start.
The hardest step is the first one.
Making that commitment to run.
In the rain or cold or now in the heat and humidity.
Last week as we're walking through the parking lot
waiting for someone to take that first step into a run
I don't know why but I turned around to look behind me.
I was taken aback at the sheer number of our group.
We've grown over the years.
Somebody brings a friend.
A new person from our boot camp group is invited to join the run.
We've definitely multiplied.
It started as maybe ten people.
I'm thinking we've tripled by now.
People fall in and out based on injuries
 and kids or work schedules
but there's always somebody willing to run.
All people and paces welcome.
Nobody is made fun of for how fast or slow they run.
I promise we leave no person behind.
Except that one time Laura...that'll never happen again. :)
These people -
men and women
from all walks of life
with all kinds of different personalities
have become a second family to me.
And that makes me very happy indeed.

Some of my running peeps are running
 a half marathon tomorrow in Portland.
Here's a little running humor for them...



and for non-runners...

I'm glad the weather in Portland will be a lot cooler than in Texas.
It's going to be a great race.
Just remember two things...



one foot in front of the other,
keep falling forward.

Good luck y'all!

Safe travels home :)


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