Saturday, August 17, 2013

what I believe

I believe in many things.
I believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason.
Some are put there to teach us lessons,
others are blessings,
and sometimes they are both.
Like my friend Laura...she is both.
She is a very good egg.
She's the kind of girl you can have fun with
even if you're doing nothing...and most of the time
you're fairly convinced that you're gonna
get in trouble because you're having so much fun.
Doesn't everybody need a friend like that?
She's like a duck who lets water run off their back.
I've learned many things from her...some we can't go into here but
a big one is that I've seriously started learning to turn the other cheek
at little slights in life that really don't mean a thing
{but that really used to get on my nerves}.
I'll start to get mad at something and I think "what would Laura do?"
More times than naught she would let it roll off her back.
I've been trying my best to roll the same way.
Just shrug off the small stuff.
Life is just full of small stuff right?
Well for the past month or so
she's going through some heavy stuff.
Her son is having some medical issues.
I've alluded to it in posts recently.
We were talking the other day.
She was saying how she's started to share the news with others.
Yet she feels funny telling people what's going on
because in a way she's not sure what's going on.
The details I mean.
Like cold hard facts.
Like exactly "what" this medical issue is.
Well it isn't good but it isn't horrible.
It's bad but its treatable.
They can't be positive until they do more tests.
See the dilemma?
I told her that she should tell people.
Explain what she knows as of now.
Tell those she feels in her heart she wants to tell.
Because we that know her and love her
and even those that don't know her
will hear the story and lift her son up in their prayers.
Its like gathering her soldiers in an army
that will surround them and love them
and help them during this unpredictable time.
I believe everything happens for a reason.
Some things you only figure out in hindsight.
I don't know why this is happening to their family.
Some things you just don't know the answer for.
I just believe God has a plan...
Last week I ran out on an errand.
I usually listen to country radio.
 That day it was tuned to a religious channel.
I think an old station I had preprogrammed got bought out.
Radio air one?
Anyway...this song was playing.
Kind of a rock tune.
Normally I'm trying to multi-task in the car.
Like make lists in my head and what not.
Today I just listened to the music since there were
no kids with me to complain about my taste in music.
I'm listening and then
frantically search my car for a pen.
These are the lyrics I scribbled down...
"the God of Angel Armies
is always by my side
He is
who goes before me.
He is
Who stands behind me.
He is a friend of mine.
the God of Angel Armies
is always by my side"
I got the lyrics messed up but you get my drift.
I sat there crying in the parking lot of the paint store
listening to this song knowing that God played it for me
so that I could share it with Laura.

God has perfect timing even though we may not understand it.
Maybe when it was first noticed it wouldn't have alarmed their doctor.
Maybe she just would have said he's a boy, its a bump, no worries.
Maybe it wouldn't have shown anything on the MRI
or shown up to be what it appears to be on the scans
God put it on her heart to go to the doctor when she did according to His timing.
This I believe with all my heart.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I don't know why many people I know and love
 are going through some tough stuff right now.
The only thing I know is that we have to have faith.

I believe in many things.
I know that He wouldn't lead you to it
if He wouldn't lead you through it.
I know that He is with each and every one of us.
To me, when you ask somebody to pray for you
or share your troubles with them
its like adding one more angel in your army
who is poised and ready to help you fight.
I'm in her army.
I know she's in mine.
Please join her angel army too and say a prayer for her son.
Especially on Monday...he's having surgery.

I googled the words to that song I heard.
Turns out its called "Whom Shall I Fear?"
Hear it here on the artist's website

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  1. Wow. First of all, you are a beautiful writer...second, what an inspiring message. I will keep Laura and her son in my prayers as she and her son face whatever this journey brings. I am joining her angel army.



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