Monday, September 30, 2013

let's talk about Round Top

I was lucky enough to go to Round Top again last Friday.
You can read about our spring time trip here.
I apologize now for the lack of photos.
We were all feverishly trying to text pictures to our peeps
to get approval on things we wanted to buy for them 
but cell reception in Round Top is non-existent at best.
My I-phone was straining so hard to send the texts repeatedly
that kept failing that my battery went dead in no time.
Next time I will bring my charger.
Lesson learned.
Here's what I scored...
We followed the same flight path as last time...
map of case i ever get to go
See where it says "Zapp Hall & Field"
That's our first stop.
Right off the bat I bought a blue glass fishing float
and my friend Rena scored the biggest, most beautiful
demijohn for $100!
Looked like this...
but without the stand.
I thought this was too hysterical...
Do you see the questions on the cover from 1969?
We've come a long way baby haven't we?
More randoms...
reminded me of the sink in my Grannie's house
and this of her front porch
they don't make stuff like this anymore.
Pumpkin anyone?

From Zapp Hall we moved up the street towards Round Top itself.
As you can see from the cloud cover it was a wonky weather kind of day.
It was hot and humid...a typical Texas summer day.
I'm thinking next time we're going to rig up
a margarita machine in the back of the van and make a fortune.
Who's in with this business plan?
I kept contemplating buying this reindeer.
It was talking to me but alas I resisted.

Another thing I passed on
{and now regret}
were these huge dough bowls...
they were about four feet long.

And only $60.

You might be thinking what I would have used it for.
Its four feet long.
This is what popped in my mind...
Fall Pumpkin display from Miss Mustard Seed. #Fall #Pumpkins
via miss mustard seed

I know.
More fishing float goodness...

but after I bought the second one of the day
I thought maybe the hubs would bar the door at home.
I resisted.
The theme of the day was glass.
It was everywhere...
and we bought a lot.
Best deal of the day?


these were at Blue Hills.
For $79 for the clear bottles.
and the crate!
My friend Rena has already bought a glass top for hers...
Genius engineer that she is
she went to Michaels
and used the glass from a picture frame
for her tabletop.
Don't be mad Susan that I'm posting this picture

but we squeezed her in between two of them!
Next time we're taking an RV and a trailer. :)
And let me tell you these are THE ladies to go with.
They think of everything.
Battery powered wine opener
{we had a designated driver
in case you're wondering}
and a delicious spread of cheeses,
fresh fruit and crackers....

You want to know what my contribution to the tray was?
Funny right?
But to me when you say snacks
my brain is programmed on little kids snacks.
I'm glad I have friends who plan better than I do.
So that was how we ended the day...
a little tailgate party.
We didn't get home until close to ten pm...
We swung by Leftovers Antiques on the way home.
There may or may not be video of us
dancing to "YMCA" in the aisles there.
Just saying.
I'm a glass of wine
and I will dance and sing in stores.
Here's a run down of my final tally...
*two glass fishing floats for my collection
*a colored tequila jar to put with my other glass vases
*a beautiful canister that I scored for $25
{some places wanted $60 or more for similar}
{going to put shells in it}
*an old bucket used to pick blueberries
*an old tray to throw keys and the like in
*and these tiny spoons

{seen next to one of my regular spoons}
I have a project I'm working on for these.
 More on that later.
I scored everything on my list except for more double happiness porcelain.
All in all a great day.
I'm already looking forward to the spring excursion.
Who's in?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

two things you have to do


a few of my favorite care edition

My peep Kelly recently returned from spending
 a couple of months
in Australia for work.
I know.
I want her job too.
Here's a picture she sent
from a side jaunt to New Zealand...
think that mountain range is called the Remarkables.
I'll say...wouldn't you?

I'll probably never get down under
I do have an import from Australia you might enjoy.
You may never have heard of Kevin Murphy before
but I think you will soon enough.
My hair stylist recently added his line to their salon.
To say I am a fan is a huge understatement.
All of his products smell divine
but more importantly they deliver
exactly what's described on the packaging.
I use his easy rider crème
when my hair is still damp then blow it dry.
I feel like it smoothes my hair,
and holds the style but its still soft...
you know how some products have hold
but make your hair stiff and yuck?
This is not that product.
I use this one every day.

In case you need a little bit more hold
then un.dressed may be just what you've been looking for.
It is what it says...a paste more so than a crème.
I use this if I'm going out at night
and really want my hair to stay.
Just so you know I don't have to use hair spray when I use this.
The style stays put with this one product.
A firm elastic paste to create a loose, undone, natural look. Infused with Black Pepper, Honey & Ivy extracts for a matte texture.  Kevin Murphy Undressed Fibre Paste $24
In case you just wash and go
 his hair resort is for you!

I really want to eat this one it smells so yummy...
{think summer time on the beach}.
Its an all around winner in that you can use it on wet or dry hair.
If I shower at night sometimes instead of blowing my hair dry
I'll just put some of this in and let it air dry.
Love this stuff.
Check at your local salon to see if they carry his line.
In case they don't
I just checked and you can get it on amazon.
I don't think you 'll be disappointed. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I saw this today and it spoke to me.
I thought you might want to see it too...
quote by joel osteen; pretty by Emily McCarthy
source Emily McCarthy

If it spoke to you
then I highly suggest you read her full post too. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Random things inspire me all time.
I'm sure they do you as well.
I'm a list maker you know.
If an idea pops in my head I try to write it down immediately.
Problem is I have multiple notebooks in various places.
I also rip pages out of magazines.
I have boxes of those...
I just cant bring myself to pitch them out.
I know.
I have issues.
Then sometimes an idea will hit me
and if I'm close to my computer
then I'll start a draft post.
I have a ton of those too.
Bad thing about that is that when I come back to them
sometimes I cant remember the details.
My mind is a sieve you know.

I started this post a couple of months back.
I know all these photos are from palmetto bluff.
the when and specific where(s) might be a little sketchy.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I saw this on pinterest this morning.
Always in Pursuit {7 Ways to Be More Content Right Now} #contentment #faith #inspiration
It spoke to me.
How about you?
I have a blessed life.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.
But I'll admit that sometimes it feels like something is missing.
Like I want "more."
Why is that?
Its not a a concrete item.
It's a just a feeling I'm trying to figure out.

I was talking to my "BFF from back home" the other day.
It was her birthday.
{Why is it when the phone goes to my ear
suddenly all three kids
need me immediately
for one crisis or another?}
Anyway to escape the madness so that I could hear her
I ended up sitting on the kids swing set.
I'm trying to listen and simultaneously
motion to the kids
in a weird kind of charade-like antics
"hey, I'm on the phone"
"you gotta go away so I can hear"
"come on give Mom a minute here."
"It's her birthday after all."
They haven't gotten on a swing in months
but as soon as I sit on one
it was like a magnet for my three rowdy guys.
So I'm half listening,
half parenting.
Then I hear her say
"I just feel like something is missing."
That sentence stopped me cold.

I said "are you talking about me or you?"
She repeated what she said about how she was feeling.
 "are you crazy?
you have it going ON!
Let me remind you...
You were married to a con artist
{long story there}
then a single mom
who went back to school
when your baby was under one year...
you got a PhD no less
you work your tail off every day
you just found the man of your dreams
and got married.
I don't get it."
But really I do.
I tell you all this because it seems like
even though it may seem like
we have everything we could seemingly want
I think its just human nature to want more.
Or is it?
Whatever your "more" is...
a person, place, or thing.
I'm not saying its right or wrong.
It just seems like it is.
For me its less about stuff
and more about fulfilling my potential...
my purpose if you will.
God's purpose for my life
 if I'm being totally honest here.
Have no clue how to do that mind you.
If you know leave tips in the comments please:)
Here's my plan in the meantime...
I'm going to try to focus
on being thankful
for what God has given me
but also,
and this is important
to note the difference,
to be thankful for what he has NOT given me.
Think about that and get back to me.
And if I haven't confused the situation enough
then you should click over and read Ruth's full post here.
Its a keeper.

happy life


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've been thinking lately about the things
I want to do better.
I told you that my husband figured out
my circle of design project process
{where I move from reno to redo
then circle back and begin again}
He kindly asked me to let things in the house sit for a year
before I redecorate them.
So I've been thinking about branching out
DIY style into food.
Eating better specifically.
Cleaner eating I guess you could say.
Its been on my mind.
But the only step I've made is to pin healthy food pins.
That counts right?
So I'm putting my goal out there.
In writing.
I am going to try one new recipe a week.
Its out there in the universe.
Today some of running peeps and I did a fire hydrant run.
As in you run a block or so
and do a minute of xyz exercise
like push-ups
or burpees
and the like.
So we're running
and I'm trying to distract myself
from wanting to quit
and just go get coffee.
Hey, that's how I roll.
So I'm thinking about coffee
which leads me to thinking about breakfast
and then I start thinking about eating food in general.
One of the guys is a great cook
and his wife is in super spectacular shape.
{You might remember she's the one who got me to do my first triathlon.}
So I ask what they ate for dinner last night.
Trying to get some ideas you know to meet my goal
I just shouted out to everybody.
He starts telling me about how they whipped up
some delicious things from a produce box they have delivered.
Excuse me?
A what?
Apparently there is a local company called greenling.
They deliver farm fresh produce and other goodies
to your doorstep.
Who knew?
Sometimes it pays to get up early and run.

After I got everybody out the door today
I did a search for them online.
This had me at hello...
Pretty gorgeous huh?
I know some of you are not local but
I am sure if you google around
or ask a friend who loves to cook
they may be able to steer you toward a similar company.
Let me be honest.
Some of the things in the picture above
I would have NO idea how to cook.
That is no excuse since they put suggestions
for recipes to cook in each box.
and THAT I for sure know how to use :)
I'm signing up for a box...
Stay tuned .
I'll let you know what's cooking.

Monday, September 23, 2013

kitchen reno...which window?

You know I consider myself
"technologically challenged."
I think my friends may ban me from my new I-phone.
I keep messing up on text messages and it isn't pretty.
Then I tried for HOURS on Friday to figure out photoshop.
What a waste of time.
All the boys were in school so no youngin's
were around to help this old lady out.
Finally I gave up and went back to ipiccy.
Its easy peasy lemon breezy to use.
And its free.
So if you need to edit your photos
and you're over twelve years of age
I highly suggest ipiccy.
Just saying.
What was I trying to do you might wonder that had me stumped?
Don't laugh but
I was trying to see how this window
would look with my top choices for the new roman shade...

choice 1...Schumacher's Chiang Mai in China Blue

choice 2...Pindler and Pindler's Solstice in Bluebell

choice 3...Trial Thread Azure
 I have a favorite.
How about you?
Want to vote?
Leave a comment. :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

high fashion

There's a great fabric store in Houston called High Fashion Home.
Five floors of fabric and home furnishings really.
I think my girlfriends giggle at me when we go in
because I swoon and gasp out loud.
I hope I'm not too embarrassing.
Just wait 'til we go to Round Top :)
I promise I'll try to keep it together :)
Anywho...I went with my peep Laura a few weeks ago
to look for fabric to reupholster some of her chairs.
As soon as we walked in I was beside myself.
Only a design addict would bust out their iphone and take pictures right?
Sorry Laura.
I know I'm not right.

a couple of my peeps never heard of foo dogs...
in case you haven't either here are a pair.


ugly in a cute kind of way right?
I saw a pair in apple green at homegoods last week.
I think I'm going back for them.
Don't tell the hubs.
He might not understand.

Speaking of green...

Made me think I need a new couch.
In green velvet please.
The boys would destroy them in a week.

I love all the room vignettes they have styled for inspiration.
Like this bedroom...
but I felt like I'd seen this design before.
In fact it reminded me of edie's bedroom from life in grace

Sure enough I just googled it to see if I was losing my mind
and it IS just like her bedroom
How funny is that?
Guess everybody is inspired by somebody else right?
If I remember correctly Edie used Darlene Weir
to help her with this bedroom...
anybody else remember it featured in BHG?
And because my brain holds onto random information...
Darlene just had a little baby girl named Georgia.
She's got great taste in design and baby naming :)
They had bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms styled to perfection...

I love the color on the wall don't you?
They must get asked that all the time because I found this...
They have it all...
furniture, wall art, anything and everything to decorate your home.
I was like a kid in a candy store but you would have been proud.
I took pictures but I resisted the urge to buy.
Well partially because I couldn't reach these glass fishing floats.
Next time I'm grabbing a ladder.
I'm sure they sell a decorative one somewhere in the store.
And yes this peacock mirror had me at hello...
But I have one so I walked on by.
 I promise they have fabrics too...
which is why we were there...
I was happy to finally see tribal thread azure in person.
{one of the contenders for the finishing touches on the kitchen reno}

 And of course others caught my eye.

I took pictures of the tags thinking it would help me remember which was which.
Not so much.

We walked out empty handed but we did get some great ideas.
If you need décor inspiration in H-town
a trip to high fashion home is definitely in order.
You will not be disappointed.



it was just a matter of time

before there was a target knock off for imperial trellis drapes.
Threshold™ Farrah Lattice Window Panel...KWID imperial trellis knockoff
in three color ways :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

gift idea part 2

or another idea for the monogram lover...
Monogram Cuff Bracelet {Triple or Single Letter}
or how cute is this?
Fruity Stripe Bracelet {Monogram Optional}
and this necklace may be my own little gift to myself...
Seven Strand Turquoise Necklace
love it even more that its on sale for $29.
Happy {early} Birthday to me :)
Check out swell caroline for lots of other goody gift ideas.
Free shipping on orders over $50 .

gift ideas

In case you need gift idea...
could be for say for someone's birthday
that possibly is next month...
not naming names...
if you see my husband
you may want to mention
this little item from nordstrom
Tasha 'Leopard Flower' Scarf
in navy {or orange} please.
Just saying.

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