Sunday, September 29, 2013

a few of my favorite care edition

My peep Kelly recently returned from spending
 a couple of months
in Australia for work.
I know.
I want her job too.
Here's a picture she sent
from a side jaunt to New Zealand...
think that mountain range is called the Remarkables.
I'll say...wouldn't you?

I'll probably never get down under
I do have an import from Australia you might enjoy.
You may never have heard of Kevin Murphy before
but I think you will soon enough.
My hair stylist recently added his line to their salon.
To say I am a fan is a huge understatement.
All of his products smell divine
but more importantly they deliver
exactly what's described on the packaging.
I use his easy rider crème
when my hair is still damp then blow it dry.
I feel like it smoothes my hair,
and holds the style but its still soft...
you know how some products have hold
but make your hair stiff and yuck?
This is not that product.
I use this one every day.

In case you need a little bit more hold
then un.dressed may be just what you've been looking for.
It is what it says...a paste more so than a crème.
I use this if I'm going out at night
and really want my hair to stay.
Just so you know I don't have to use hair spray when I use this.
The style stays put with this one product.
A firm elastic paste to create a loose, undone, natural look. Infused with Black Pepper, Honey & Ivy extracts for a matte texture.  Kevin Murphy Undressed Fibre Paste $24
In case you just wash and go
 his hair resort is for you!

I really want to eat this one it smells so yummy...
{think summer time on the beach}.
Its an all around winner in that you can use it on wet or dry hair.
If I shower at night sometimes instead of blowing my hair dry
I'll just put some of this in and let it air dry.
Love this stuff.
Check at your local salon to see if they carry his line.
In case they don't
I just checked and you can get it on amazon.
I don't think you 'll be disappointed. :)

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