Tuesday, September 17, 2013

birthday surprise

Our twins had a birthday on Saturday.
This year as the school calendar would have it
they had a break from school on Friday.
I know.
They just started...apparently it was time for a "fall break."
Where was fall break when I was in school?
Having two big Lego nuts in our family
we've been talking about going to Lego Land for years.
We thought we'd visit the one in Florida
as a side trip during our annual pilgrimage to visit my peeps.
That side trip never panned out.
A few months ago when we saw the school calendar
we started thinking about LEGOLAND San Diego instead.
Beautiful cool California weather in the 70's?
Say no more.
I'm in.
I'd mentioned this trip idea to my peeps on a long run one day
and somebody mentioned that they'd surprised their kids
with a big trip by not telling them until they were on the way to the airport.
Love it even better.
So the hubs and I planned and packed stealth like.
I told them I had to pick them up an hour early from school
on Thursday for an orthodontist appointment.
I picked them up easy peasy and told them that we needed to run home
so that they could brush their teeth.
We've done this before so nobody thought anything of it.
The bags were already in the back of the minivan.
At the last minute my husband came home and told them
he'd finished with clinic early so he thought he'd tag along.
They were so busy regaling us with stories from the day
that nobody noticed we were going in the opposite direction until
we'd just about reached the airport.
One of the twins brought it up like
"um, did you forget we had to go to the ortho today
'cause I think we're going the wrong way."
I took a video at this point but
unfortunately the video is too long to upload...
or maybe its not and I just don't know what I'm doing.
That could totally be the case and you know it :)
So let me just share that
two of the boys were beyond thrilled.
One not so much.
He's a mini-me,
a planner at heart
and this surprise threw him for a loop.
He was a trooper though and leaned into his discomfort.
I didn't even ask him to lean forward in this picture...

I promise.
He did it on his own accord :)
 In the end he had a great time as did we all.

We stayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel...

highly recommend it if you have small children who love Legos.
All the rooms have themes and its truly child friendly.
The best part in my opinion was the disco elevator...
it'll turn any frown upside down...
 I say this because I personally was in a bad mood
when we finally arrived since we hadn't eaten dinner
and usually I was in bed asleep with the difference in time zones.
Wah.  I know. Cry me a river right?
Just saying...I hopped on the elevator
and once that disco ball started turning and the music came on
I was smiling and shaking my groove thing.
Every office building needs a disco elevator...think about it.

Hope these pictures don't bore you but some people
have asked what it was like...

Every animal made from Legos...

yes that sign does say please do not climb...
this guy can't read yet and it shows.

The twins had a blast at "driving school"

I have to say that I was impressed that they obeyed all traffic signals
and didn't run into anybody.
On purpose that is.
This guy was a real scream...


they even had a small scale Lego production plant
so you could see the process...

You know me...always looking at design elements like the light fixtures...

See what I mini-me really did enjoy the trip...


My Star Wars fans were beside themselves...


There was something for everybody to enjoy...



They even have a water park

and an aquarium...

and then of course the games where you can win things...
all the boys including my husband tried their hand but didn't win anything...
I would not give up.
I forked over more cash much to my husband's dismay...
he thought we'd wasted enough money on one game.
Then slam bam thank you ma'am
I WON!!!!!
Meet Stewart...

Believe it or not Stewart was the best thing...
my guys thought I was a rock star for winning him.
{until our next adventure :)}

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  1. This post made my day! I have always dreamed of doing exactly what you did with your boys and taking my kids on a surprise vacation. I missed my "window" and could maybe still get away with planning something like that for my boys, but my girls' schedules are too full to plan a vacation without telling them.

    Looks like it was a WONDERFUL time and so happy for you! Your boys are just adorable!!! I can't believe my twins will be 13 next month. I really do miss those crazy sleep deprived days when they were little!


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