Friday, September 6, 2013

bookshelf project

I've been working on the bookshelves in our family room...
trying to de-clutter
and put in more blues and greens
with less red and orange.
Remember I'm trying for a more beach-y coastal vibe.
Follow me?
Here's a before...

  and now after...
or rather
because I see some things that bother me.
Kind of like when you get dressed and
you put on a lot of jewelry
then you step back in the mirror
and realize you need to take a few pieces off...

And in the picture above...
those two paintings in the middle?
the big one I did myself :) ha!
and it hides the cable jack...
the little gold framed marsh painting
is hiding the electrical plug...
I know its not perfect but they serve a purpose
until I can get a new lamp to hide some stuff.
I took down about twenty family pictures.
I know.
 I have issues with pictures.
I can explain though.
Our house burnt when I was seven years old.
Our family lost everything.
We have very few pictures from when we were little.
The ones we have came from relatives that my mom
had sent them to and they graciously returned them to us.
Now I cling to family pictures like they are gold.
{and they are you know.}
But I'm working on it...
I have them.
I just don't need to display every one of them.
Baby steps :)
Anyway - any suggestions?
I need less right?

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