Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I saw this on pinterest this morning.
Always in Pursuit {7 Ways to Be More Content Right Now} #contentment #faith #inspiration
It spoke to me.
How about you?
I have a blessed life.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.
But I'll admit that sometimes it feels like something is missing.
Like I want "more."
Why is that?
Its not a a concrete item.
It's a just a feeling I'm trying to figure out.

I was talking to my "BFF from back home" the other day.
It was her birthday.
{Why is it when the phone goes to my ear
suddenly all three kids
need me immediately
for one crisis or another?}
Anyway to escape the madness so that I could hear her
I ended up sitting on the kids swing set.
I'm trying to listen and simultaneously
motion to the kids
in a weird kind of charade-like antics
"hey, I'm on the phone"
"you gotta go away so I can hear"
"come on give Mom a minute here."
"It's her birthday after all."
They haven't gotten on a swing in months
but as soon as I sit on one
it was like a magnet for my three rowdy guys.
So I'm half listening,
half parenting.
Then I hear her say
"I just feel like something is missing."
That sentence stopped me cold.

I said "are you talking about me or you?"
She repeated what she said about how she was feeling.
 "are you crazy?
you have it going ON!
Let me remind you...
You were married to a con artist
{long story there}
then a single mom
who went back to school
when your baby was under one year...
you got a PhD no less
you work your tail off every day
you just found the man of your dreams
and got married.
I don't get it."
But really I do.
I tell you all this because it seems like
even though it may seem like
we have everything we could seemingly want
I think its just human nature to want more.
Or is it?
Whatever your "more" is...
a person, place, or thing.
I'm not saying its right or wrong.
It just seems like it is.
For me its less about stuff
and more about fulfilling my potential...
my purpose if you will.
God's purpose for my life
 if I'm being totally honest here.
Have no clue how to do that mind you.
If you know leave tips in the comments please:)
Here's my plan in the meantime...
I'm going to try to focus
on being thankful
for what God has given me
but also,
and this is important
to note the difference,
to be thankful for what he has NOT given me.
Think about that and get back to me.
And if I haven't confused the situation enough
then you should click over and read Ruth's full post here.
Its a keeper.

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  1. Are you writing your posts for me specifically? Because I share in most of the feelings you post about! I have had a horrible week and just today was thinking "there has to be more to my life than this" and then I read your post. I sometimes feel like my life is not my own....I am constantly searching for contentment. Loved the link back to the poster!



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