Friday, September 6, 2013


Last summer during our annual pilgrimage to visit my family in Georgia
we went with my sister and her family out in their boat.
We went around to various islands only accessible via boats.
We combed the beaches for sea shells.
Along the way I picked up some pieces of driftwood.
My sister thought I was crazy.
{Why are you picking that up?} she wondered.
Me...{are you crazy?}
{Have you not seen how much driftwood mirrors cost?}
Her...{are you kidding? for that crap thing?}
Me...{try I've seen them for a thousand dollars}
Her...{Its gonna stink up your car.}
{Oh and I think you're plumb crazy.}
Now I may or may not have sent her a link
I saw anything driftwood after that.
A little birdie told me that earlier this summer
my two younger sister went back to said islands
and brought back huge pieces of driftwood for their own homes.
Nice to see that they're learning from their big sis'.
And now Home Goods has the goods on driftwood too...
saw this last week at our local store...
I think it was under $80.
If I had room on my walls this beauty would have come home with me.
Just had a thought of where to put it.
My husband is not going to be happy with me.
Stay tuned...

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