Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've been thinking lately about the things
I want to do better.
I told you that my husband figured out
my circle of design project process
{where I move from reno to redo
then circle back and begin again}
He kindly asked me to let things in the house sit for a year
before I redecorate them.
So I've been thinking about branching out
DIY style into food.
Eating better specifically.
Cleaner eating I guess you could say.
Its been on my mind.
But the only step I've made is to pin healthy food pins.
That counts right?
So I'm putting my goal out there.
In writing.
I am going to try one new recipe a week.
Its out there in the universe.
Today some of running peeps and I did a fire hydrant run.
As in you run a block or so
and do a minute of xyz exercise
like push-ups
or burpees
and the like.
So we're running
and I'm trying to distract myself
from wanting to quit
and just go get coffee.
Hey, that's how I roll.
So I'm thinking about coffee
which leads me to thinking about breakfast
and then I start thinking about eating food in general.
One of the guys is a great cook
and his wife is in super spectacular shape.
{You might remember she's the one who got me to do my first triathlon.}
So I ask what they ate for dinner last night.
Trying to get some ideas you know to meet my goal
I just shouted out to everybody.
He starts telling me about how they whipped up
some delicious things from a produce box they have delivered.
Excuse me?
A what?
Apparently there is a local company called greenling.
They deliver farm fresh produce and other goodies
to your doorstep.
Who knew?
Sometimes it pays to get up early and run.

After I got everybody out the door today
I did a search for them online.
This had me at hello...
Pretty gorgeous huh?
I know some of you are not local but
I am sure if you google around
or ask a friend who loves to cook
they may be able to steer you toward a similar company.
Let me be honest.
Some of the things in the picture above
I would have NO idea how to cook.
That is no excuse since they put suggestions
for recipes to cook in each box.
and THAT I for sure know how to use :)
I'm signing up for a box...
Stay tuned .
I'll let you know what's cooking.

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