Sunday, September 22, 2013

high fashion

There's a great fabric store in Houston called High Fashion Home.
Five floors of fabric and home furnishings really.
I think my girlfriends giggle at me when we go in
because I swoon and gasp out loud.
I hope I'm not too embarrassing.
Just wait 'til we go to Round Top :)
I promise I'll try to keep it together :)
Anywho...I went with my peep Laura a few weeks ago
to look for fabric to reupholster some of her chairs.
As soon as we walked in I was beside myself.
Only a design addict would bust out their iphone and take pictures right?
Sorry Laura.
I know I'm not right.

a couple of my peeps never heard of foo dogs...
in case you haven't either here are a pair.


ugly in a cute kind of way right?
I saw a pair in apple green at homegoods last week.
I think I'm going back for them.
Don't tell the hubs.
He might not understand.

Speaking of green...

Made me think I need a new couch.
In green velvet please.
The boys would destroy them in a week.

I love all the room vignettes they have styled for inspiration.
Like this bedroom...
but I felt like I'd seen this design before.
In fact it reminded me of edie's bedroom from life in grace

Sure enough I just googled it to see if I was losing my mind
and it IS just like her bedroom
How funny is that?
Guess everybody is inspired by somebody else right?
If I remember correctly Edie used Darlene Weir
to help her with this bedroom...
anybody else remember it featured in BHG?
And because my brain holds onto random information...
Darlene just had a little baby girl named Georgia.
She's got great taste in design and baby naming :)
They had bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms styled to perfection...

I love the color on the wall don't you?
They must get asked that all the time because I found this...
They have it all...
furniture, wall art, anything and everything to decorate your home.
I was like a kid in a candy store but you would have been proud.
I took pictures but I resisted the urge to buy.
Well partially because I couldn't reach these glass fishing floats.
Next time I'm grabbing a ladder.
I'm sure they sell a decorative one somewhere in the store.
And yes this peacock mirror had me at hello...
But I have one so I walked on by.
 I promise they have fabrics too...
which is why we were there...
I was happy to finally see tribal thread azure in person.
{one of the contenders for the finishing touches on the kitchen reno}

 And of course others caught my eye.

I took pictures of the tags thinking it would help me remember which was which.
Not so much.

We walked out empty handed but we did get some great ideas.
If you need décor inspiration in H-town
a trip to high fashion home is definitely in order.
You will not be disappointed.



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