Monday, September 23, 2013

kitchen reno...which window?

You know I consider myself
"technologically challenged."
I think my friends may ban me from my new I-phone.
I keep messing up on text messages and it isn't pretty.
Then I tried for HOURS on Friday to figure out photoshop.
What a waste of time.
All the boys were in school so no youngin's
were around to help this old lady out.
Finally I gave up and went back to ipiccy.
Its easy peasy lemon breezy to use.
And its free.
So if you need to edit your photos
and you're over twelve years of age
I highly suggest ipiccy.
Just saying.
What was I trying to do you might wonder that had me stumped?
Don't laugh but
I was trying to see how this window
would look with my top choices for the new roman shade...

choice 1...Schumacher's Chiang Mai in China Blue

choice 2...Pindler and Pindler's Solstice in Bluebell

choice 3...Trial Thread Azure
 I have a favorite.
How about you?
Want to vote?
Leave a comment. :)


  1. Love #1 and 2...and #1 is so luxurious.
    Your kitchen is beautiful.

  2. I love the schumacher chiang mai fabrics, something about it, but at the same time...I can't get over looking at a dragon all day. But I love the pattner. Also a fan of #2. Any would look great!

    thanks for the comments on my post, we decided to go with the kohler para faucet, got a decent deal through a local store here. thanks!


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