Thursday, September 19, 2013

let me call you sweetheart

I don't know about you but I'd rather get a tooth pulled
than go shopping for jeans.
I wish somebody would find the perfect jean for me
without me having to go with them to the store and try on a million pairs.
Anybody up to that task?
I thought not.
I've been cleaning out my closet
{yes again}
and I am trying hard to get rid of stuff
 that just doesn't make me feel good.
You know like the minute you put it on it irritates you
and you get in an instant bad mood?
Maybe if you're not a 40-something year old woman
you don't get that sentence :)
Your time is coming.
Just wait.
Anyway...I bought some jeans online from Old Navy
for our San Diego trip last weekend.
I ended up returning them.
They fit but I just didn't see myself being comfortable in them.
So I went to the store today.
I told myself I was only doing the return.
Turns out I lied.
I ended up trying stuff on for an hour.
Here's what I bought...
I know...not loving the distressed thing
I like the fit
especially the higher rise :)
I also picked up a couple of these layering t's
on sale for $5 online, $8 in store
Figured they'd be great for layering under sheer shirts
like this one I scored...
on sale in store for $20
Now I just need a place to go out at night :)

ps...if you have found your perfect jean
please pretty please
leave a comment for me...
i'm still searching for the holy grail :)

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