Monday, September 30, 2013

let's talk about Round Top

I was lucky enough to go to Round Top again last Friday.
You can read about our spring time trip here.
I apologize now for the lack of photos.
We were all feverishly trying to text pictures to our peeps
to get approval on things we wanted to buy for them 
but cell reception in Round Top is non-existent at best.
My I-phone was straining so hard to send the texts repeatedly
that kept failing that my battery went dead in no time.
Next time I will bring my charger.
Lesson learned.
Here's what I scored...
We followed the same flight path as last time...
map of case i ever get to go
See where it says "Zapp Hall & Field"
That's our first stop.
Right off the bat I bought a blue glass fishing float
and my friend Rena scored the biggest, most beautiful
demijohn for $100!
Looked like this...
but without the stand.
I thought this was too hysterical...
Do you see the questions on the cover from 1969?
We've come a long way baby haven't we?
More randoms...
reminded me of the sink in my Grannie's house
and this of her front porch
they don't make stuff like this anymore.
Pumpkin anyone?

From Zapp Hall we moved up the street towards Round Top itself.
As you can see from the cloud cover it was a wonky weather kind of day.
It was hot and humid...a typical Texas summer day.
I'm thinking next time we're going to rig up
a margarita machine in the back of the van and make a fortune.
Who's in with this business plan?
I kept contemplating buying this reindeer.
It was talking to me but alas I resisted.

Another thing I passed on
{and now regret}
were these huge dough bowls...
they were about four feet long.

And only $60.

You might be thinking what I would have used it for.
Its four feet long.
This is what popped in my mind...
Fall Pumpkin display from Miss Mustard Seed. #Fall #Pumpkins
via miss mustard seed

I know.
More fishing float goodness...

but after I bought the second one of the day
I thought maybe the hubs would bar the door at home.
I resisted.
The theme of the day was glass.
It was everywhere...
and we bought a lot.
Best deal of the day?


these were at Blue Hills.
For $79 for the clear bottles.
and the crate!
My friend Rena has already bought a glass top for hers...
Genius engineer that she is
she went to Michaels
and used the glass from a picture frame
for her tabletop.
Don't be mad Susan that I'm posting this picture

but we squeezed her in between two of them!
Next time we're taking an RV and a trailer. :)
And let me tell you these are THE ladies to go with.
They think of everything.
Battery powered wine opener
{we had a designated driver
in case you're wondering}
and a delicious spread of cheeses,
fresh fruit and crackers....

You want to know what my contribution to the tray was?
Funny right?
But to me when you say snacks
my brain is programmed on little kids snacks.
I'm glad I have friends who plan better than I do.
So that was how we ended the day...
a little tailgate party.
We didn't get home until close to ten pm...
We swung by Leftovers Antiques on the way home.
There may or may not be video of us
dancing to "YMCA" in the aisles there.
Just saying.
I'm a glass of wine
and I will dance and sing in stores.
Here's a run down of my final tally...
*two glass fishing floats for my collection
*a colored tequila jar to put with my other glass vases
*a beautiful canister that I scored for $25
{some places wanted $60 or more for similar}
{going to put shells in it}
*an old bucket used to pick blueberries
*an old tray to throw keys and the like in
*and these tiny spoons

{seen next to one of my regular spoons}
I have a project I'm working on for these.
 More on that later.
I scored everything on my list except for more double happiness porcelain.
All in all a great day.
I'm already looking forward to the spring excursion.
Who's in?

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