Tuesday, September 3, 2013

photo dump...under construction

We looked at a lot of houses with our friends
while we were in PB this summer.
We didn't just look at completed houses...
many were still under construction.
Unfortunately my mind is a sieve
and now three months later
I can hardly remember which house was which.
I do remember that the ones we seemed to like the most
were being built by one of two builders
and each house we saw was better than the one before.
Amazing quality and craftsmanship.
I took pictures of things I liked in case we ever build from scratch...
Don't you love the walls?
and yes please to a herringbone pattern in the fireplace...

Nice faucet...

lovely basket weave detail in the midst of subway tile...

overhead rain shower is a must...

love the basket weave on the shower floor too

I like the range...maybe I would cook more.
Who am I kidding?

I like the way the bar is raised to counter height.
You can't see dishes piled up in the sink or other kitchen clutter.

free standing tub...definitely.

perfect place to use marble... in the bath...
I love it...I'm just afraid to use it in a kitchen.

and I love this little marble edge on the shower...

Remember the house we fell in love with?
The same builder did this house and added this built-in closet.
A nice idea for a storage room or office to become a bedroom.

This is a different house...
the old reclaimed wood was AMAZING
seen here on the rafters

and look at these floors!

again with my board and batten

and look at this ceiling!

And how gorgeous is this bathroom floor?

I love the way they carried the same detail into the shower...

Seriously let's look at that floor detail again...

what an entry way...

I love the paint they chose for the back of the bookshelves...
reminds me of SW Urbane Bronze.

I would buy this house for the reclaimed wood alone...

As much as it would have been fun to see them further along in the build
it was nice seeing the skeletons or bones of the house.
We really got a sense of how these builders roll
and it definitely convinced us
that if we do build our own house then
we would absolutely use one of them.

Am I the only one ready to move in?

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