Thursday, September 26, 2013


Random things inspire me all time.
I'm sure they do you as well.
I'm a list maker you know.
If an idea pops in my head I try to write it down immediately.
Problem is I have multiple notebooks in various places.
I also rip pages out of magazines.
I have boxes of those...
I just cant bring myself to pitch them out.
I know.
I have issues.
Then sometimes an idea will hit me
and if I'm close to my computer
then I'll start a draft post.
I have a ton of those too.
Bad thing about that is that when I come back to them
sometimes I cant remember the details.
My mind is a sieve you know.

I started this post a couple of months back.
I know all these photos are from palmetto bluff.
the when and specific where(s) might be a little sketchy.

Thinking this was this summer...
the community garden looked spectacular...

Inside one of the storage rooms...
would be a great idea for a mud room no?

especially with the hidden storage in the seat...

the boys playing bocce ball outside the church...

Zb looking mad like he didn't like the way they were playing the game...

a better view of the church where our friends got married...

and inside the church...

how glorious is this picture?

I'm impressed I took it myself.
With my old camera.
Sometimes it actually works :)

These are from some homes that were for sale...

 From some homes being built by friends of our friends...

 never met a lantern I didn't love...

especially when its hanging from a haint blue ceiling

The ceilings in this house were unbelievable.
They used old reclaimed barn wood.
The lights are so bad either...

I cant remember if this was the same house
but here's a great little idea for a small kitchen in a guest house...

and finally these beauties...

You'll never guess where I saw them...

in a public restroom.
No joke.

I love the message.
Don't you?

Of course I tried to take a picture of who made them
so that I could find them to buy copies...

I told you my camera was horrible.
I promise I will get better pics when we go back.
Stay tuned...

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