Tuesday, September 10, 2013

you know its going to be a long day when...

Today started off like not many other.
I didn't get up early today to go run or swim.
That rarely happens.
I actually slept til 6:11am.
That too rarely happens.
I went downstairs and grabbed my first cup of coffee.
Nobody stirred.
Even my husband was still asleep.
I managed a shower and dried my hair without any interruption.
No fights breaking out over who woke up whom first.
 I peeked out into the bedroom where they all usually gather.
Still nobody awake and it was after 6:30.
That's weird.
Maybe it's going to be a quiet day.
Then slowly I hear the boys wake up one by one.
I remind them all no television...its a school day.
Just get dressed and go start thinking about breakfast.
A couple of minutes pass and two are dressed.
We're golden I think to myself...just one left to corral.
I go in the youngest boy's room and make sure
he has picked out an outfit for the day.
Get dressed and meet me downstairs I tell him.
He grabs his pile of clothes and I leave to
grab some stuff before I go downstairs.
I'm telling is going to be great.
We're on time.
Everybody is getting ready.
I'm going to get so much done today.
And then it happened.
My little one runs into my room.
He is crying hysterically.
Real tears.
Uh oh.
That's not good.
He sometimes whines, very rarely cries.
He has managed to flush a pair of socks
completely and utterly
down the toilet.
Gone baby gone.
Two thick socks.
Folded together.
take heart
The nicest plumber came out to help
in the recovery operation of said socks.
Long story short
{and a couple of hundred dollars later}
they're long gone.
He stayed for a while trying to make sure they won't cause a clog.
He regaled me with stories of strange things people have flushed
and that he has had to root out.
I know it could have been worse.
I truly do.
He had me cracking up when he told me
how he had taken his son to work with him one day.
Next day he goes home and his wife stops him at the door.
Our toilet is clogged she said.
His son had thought it was awesome watching his dad use cool tools to
get crazy stuff out of know where this is going right?
His son had flushed a ton of little toys down so that he could watch
his dad get them out one by one.
I just shook my head and tried not to giggle.
He goes...I know you have little ones right now
and you're going to think I'm crazy
but I really miss those days.
He said his son is twenty and that he
"rarely graces his parents with his presence."
He just smiled longingly at that thought.
I smiled back and thanked him for telling me that.
I told him about how I used to wish these days away
when I was so tired from sleepless nights
and when didn't know any better...
when it seemed like time stood still
and we'd never get out of diapers
or through the terrible twos.
Now I see the days flying past and it hurts my heart.
My youngest started kindergarten a few weeks ago.
The start of big boy school...
the twins started a few years ago.
That to me is when I started noticing
time FLYING past at warp speed.
His race is now on...the race to grow up.
Thank God I now know
to treasure these days like today
when he cries big tears on my shoulder
because he thinks he has broken our house
with his socks down the toilet
and to remember this day
when he still believes that I can solve any problem
but most of all to remember the feeling of
how his little arms wrap around my neck and squeeze
as he lets me hug him tightly as I reassure him in his ear
that I know a plumber named Rueben that can fix it for us.
The days are long but the years are short.
Yes indeed.
Truer words have never been spoken.

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  1. Great post and so true...I already have an impending sense of dread because my youngest daughter is now a junior in high school and it will be hard for me to have both daughters gone in just two years. My twin boys will be 13 next month...I miss the crazy long days! My boys never flushed anything but they did stuff several tampons down the bathroom sink...the plumber was cracking up when he figured out what had clogged it! Me, not so much when I got the bill...LOL...although it is funny now :)


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