Thursday, October 31, 2013

favorite house in the 'hood

There's a great website for real estate in my area.
 I admit that I stalk it check it regularly...
not just to keep up with the housing market
but also to get design ideas :)
This one is my favorite for the week...
apothecary look on island
all images via

can I get an Amen?

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bookshelf styling

I was perusing over the weekend
looking for stuff for a friend of mine
when I stumbled on a few affordable finds
that I put under my {{bookshelf styling} board on pinterest...

starburst statue
This starburst statue had me at hello.
Is it weird that I thought about this tchotchke all day Sunday.
And all day Monday.
Then Tuesday...still obsessed
I went to not just one but two targets looking for it.
I know.
I'm not right.
Maybe it was me looping around the store six or seven times
looking on every end cap and aisle in between like a mad woman.
And maybe I did ask more than one employee to look it up
on the store inventory...which was wrong at both stores I might add.
I was like a dog with a bone.
And it was not pretty.
Turns out my peep Laura has a target red card
so she ordered one for me and one for her :)
with the red card she got free shipping and 5% off
PLUS right now target is having a buy one,
get 30% off a second décor item so she got that discount too!
I love a deal...don't you?

In store I did manage to score this brass bowl
on clearance for $13...

brass bowl

thinking it would be great for Laura's house
perched on top of a couple of books
on her console under the television
that her husband hung on the wall
or maybe in her entry way to
throw keys and loose change in.
and for me I scored this egret ...

I know what you're thinking.
An egret?
Has she lost her mind?
Go with me on this...
remember this painting in our bedroom?

that my husband gave me?

This was my push present for baby #3.
The artist put a little egret in the painting to represent him...

Make sense now?

I love it.
And that it too was on clearance for like $7.
I'm sorry.
I like saving money.
And if that's wrong
I don't want to be right.

And if you like any of these
hurry on up over to target while supplies last.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

how they'd get this picture of me?

Must read for Moms,
Just kidding.
I think.
In any case I need this book.
How about you?
Have you become the parent you never thought you'd be?
I have.
If I'm being honest.
I'll go one further to
admit I never thought parenthood would be this hard.
And scarily enough I know its only going to get harder.
With all the craziness in the world today
I am dreading the teenage years.
I have hope though...
I have girlfriends who are awesome role models
and whose children have turned out beautifully.
Don't think I'm not secretly taking notes because I am.
{Any feel free to email me parenting tips because I'll gladly take them.}
I find myself saying things that I swore I'd never say...
things my parents said to me...
I bet you do the same thing.
I definitely understand my parents more with every passing year.
Some things I do better than they did...or maybe just different.
I'll call it progress and be thankful for it.
I'm definitely learning that this is such a fleeting time.
It took me a while to learn that.
I wished someone had told me sooner.
Or rather I wished I'd listened sooner.
I'm trying to be present more...
when they are around
to be in the moment with them,
not just trying to get it all done
because you know me
I like to scratch things off my to-do list.
I'm working on it.
I'm still a work in progress...
aren't we all?
Funny story though about trying to be present...
Last night after we got every body ready for bed
I told the twins to grab a book and meet me in my room...
that we'd all get in the bed and read together
but separately since they have to log at least 30 minutes
of reading on their own every night for school.
So one of them said he'd rather read on his own in his room.
He's a loner by nature.
I thought about it for a minute.
Maybe I was wrong for this...
but I told him that pretty soon
in the blink of an eye
he'd be going off to school
and that he'd have the rest of his life to read on his own
but for now,
for tonight at least
I wanted to just be in the same room with them
while we all settled down for the night.
But I left it as his choice.
It took him a minute before he popped into the room
with me and his brother.
I'm not sure how long I lasted
but my husband told me that I feel asleep first.
The boys stayed a while reading and then tip toed out.
I was present while sleeping.
Do you think that counts?

Monday, October 28, 2013


 Remember when I did
 this post on my love for screen doors
over the summer?
Specifically that I wanted this one

Screen Tight�Chippendale 32-in Favorite Green Wood Screen Door

Well over the weekend
I noticed Lisa Mende pin this picture...

Chippendale screened doors

So I left a comment telling her
"you can get a door like this at Lowes."
And then I emailed her a copy of the link.
Which then reminded me that I'd shown my husband
the door and he told me to go ahead and get one.
That was a few months ago...
around the time of the kitchen reno.
I had forgotten all about it.
So in looking for the link to send Lisa
I realized Lowes was out of stock of my green Chippendale door.
Putting it on my list of things to do.

 Now it seems like I'm noticing
Chippendale accents everywhere.
 Like the pin below.
classic • casual • home: Beach Home and Garden Tour

I should not have been surprised to click through
and find that this gate was featured
by Mary Ann on
 classic casual home.
{Hands down one of my favorite blogs.}
Now I just need her friend Debbie's house to go with it :)

No kidding when I say just this morning I saw this pin...
via Lucy Williams Interior Design

Much prettier than any baby gate I ever used?
Am I right?

Which got me to thinking...
I'd noticed this during my online search...
Screen Tight Chippendale Unfinished 29-3/8-in x 25-7/8-in Screen Door Insert

What is it?
That's what I thought too.
Its a screen door insert.
I know.
Who knew?

After more digging I found that
you can buy the insert above
along with this door
{also from Lowes}

Screen Tight�Woodcraft 32-in Natural Wood Screen Door
and make your own Chippendale door!
Add some Kelly green paint
and viola!
you have the green Chippendale door above.
And for that matter 
I think you could
use one of these inserts to make a baby gate
or even a doggie gate.
why couldn't you just build a frame around it
add some hinges etc...
And since my husband is over having babies
and I refuse to get a dog
{its a long story}
I'll take door number one please
and go with the screen door option.
Stay tuned...
I'm going to Lowes tomorrow.

And in case you need more Chippendale
you can get planters like this...

at Home Depot...

Who knew?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

mural mural on the wall

Anybody need to wallpaper a room?
Because I saw this and I'm loving it...
etched arcadia mural
via anthropologie
In a perfect world I'd use it in a powder room like this...
Stunning wallpaper by De Gournay #bathroom
BTW...our half marathon this morning got canceled.
Or at least we left when it got postponed because of the lightening storm.
We're brave but we're not stupid.
We went to breakfast instead :)
It was a win-win decision in my book.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Even though I am officially addicted a fan of pinterest
I still save things as {favorites} on my computer.
I know.
Old school right?
In an effort to de-clutter and organize I thought
I'd put the pics that had me at hello
along with their link in case these catch your eye too.
The styling of this dining room console slays me.
The console itself is the same one I purchased from World Market.
{Its currently on sale for 25% off}
The Audubon Heron print?
Home Goods.
I know.
I wish it was mine too.
Sara is obviously a braver mom than I
by using all the glass and dishes to style this pretty.
One day I'll get there.
In the meantime
aptly titled A Dose of Pretty.
I'm loving these new slipcovered chairs
at Carolyn's sweet chaos home...
She gives props to Mary Ann from
casual chic home with a link to a post
My friend Laura is contemplating recovering some chairs
in her house...I'm thinking she should look into the fabric
Carolyn used for her slipcovers.
She graciously shared that it is Diversitex Prairie 
via my favorite fabric source :) 
Even though I'm nearly done with our kitchen reno
I always love when bloggers share their project sources.
Melissa over at The Inspired Room did just that...
The Inspired Room Kitchen Makeover Sources
Be sure to click the links above
to see more pictures and see her sources.
And lastly {for today anyway}
there's this teen room makeover on
The 411 {all the details about the teen bedroom makeover} | Jeanne Oliver
that I'm hoping my boys will want me
 to re-create as they hit the teen years.
A mom can dream right?
I love this space.
Maybe one day...

Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday!
Not sure what to call this post
other than randoms from October...
I picked up this purple porter weed at the science museum gift shop.
I know.
Who knew you could buy plants there?
we took a trip to the butterfly museum
{if you're ever in Houston you should go!}
this is a weird shot but a butterfly landed on my toe
and sat there for the longest time.
my boys thought it was hysterical
and a sign of good luck :)
Back to drinking my green smoothies...
My skin has never looked better.
I'm sure its the coconut oil and the wheat grass.

There are a ton of recipes on pinterest
but here's what I do...
one banana
one cup of whatever fruit I have around
{strawberries, pineapple, or blueberries}
a tablespoon or so of coconut oil
a tablespoon of wheat grass powder
enough water to make the blades spin
sometimes I add a cup or so of greek yogurt for added protein
I blend everything together then add a ton of spinach.
Then blend it again and it goes from this...
to this...

Now listen.
I'm not going to lie.
Sometimes its hard to get this down.
It doesn't taste horrible.
It just takes some getting used to.
You may want to do everything but add the wheatgrass to start.
Over time add wheatgrass...its an acquired taste.
But it is so good for you.
On a terrific note...
my Dad got his new leg...

and is learning how to walk again.
He's lost over twenty pounds in the process too
because of all the physical therapy.
We are so proud of him :)
{Yes, that's Gunsmoke on the tv in the background. :)}
One of the twins had a school assignment to make a postcard.
He drew one of fishing at Palmetto Bluff...

So cute.
I wish I had a before photo...
I went outside one day to cut back a few limbs on a tree in our front yard.
Just to get it away from the second floor window.
While I was doing this
a truck from a local tree company drove by.
I saw him and he saw me.
He parked his truck across the street.
I ignored him.
He sat there no lie watching me trim this tree.
He was waiting for me to give up
and ask for his company to trim the trees.
Made me more determined.
He gave up after 30 minutes.
I'm not kidding.
I however did not give up.
This tree was about up to the middle of the second story window.
I only had a short step ladder.
What's a girl to do?
I climbed the tree.
That's where the yard crew for someone down the street saw me.
And came over and asked me if I was ok.
I said
{I know you think I've lost my mind but I've got this.}
He goes "lady, let me get my ladder."
I climbed down.
I was nearly done after all...
I let him finish the part at the very top
that I probably would have died trying to reach.
It took me two hours to cut all that.
It took him five minutes with his tall ladder and chainsaw.
Sometimes you have to know when to accept help.
Or at least have the proper tools.
On a productive note I finally got a GPS running watch...
After five years of long distance running :)
Love it!
My friends love it too because I no longer
ask them repeatedly how far we've run
and what time it is.
Running a half marathon this weekend so this will come in handy :)
Hubs sent flowers for my birthday.
These lilies are the last live ones from the bunch...

Nothing like a punch of orange in the fall to make me smile.
And still loving my home goods baskets...
just trying to figure out where to put them all...

We're getting there.
Slowly but surely.
Now I just have to get motivated to hang the new white drapes.
I need a longer curtain rod to add two additional panels.
One that will span the four French doors in the back.
I need it to be massively long.
I've been perplexed by this.
It finally hit me what I can use.
One word.
I'm going to Lowes...
I'll let you know what I find.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

a hundred hanging pumpkins

nothing says "Happy Halloween"
like one hundred hanging pumpkins
which is what this house in our neighborhood
does every year for Halloween...
you could do this too
with orange pumpkin Halloween trick or treat buckets
{you know the kind with the smiley carve out pumpkin face}
I bet you could find some at the dollar store.
then hang them in your trees.
if you have a lot of time on your hands that is.
or maybe a yard crew :)

just saying...

Love this font!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

modern dilemma

You know I'm still working on updating our family room.
Quietly that is.
Since my husband figured out that I'm a serial decorator.
Define that you say?
Well, I go from one room to the next.
Finish the whole house.
And start again.
Like a circle with no end.
I know.
I have issues.
But the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.
So my goal is to finish the kitchen reno asap...

then "finish" the family room.
Then try my best not to redo anything in this house.
Did I mention that I keep dropping hints that we should move?

Two little things left to do in the kitchen.
1. I ordered the roman shade and once its here...
2. we can finalize the paint color for the kitchen island.
In the meantime
I'm working on a few things in the family room.
On the down-low.
So that my husband doesn't blow a gasket. :)
We love it now but I'm ready for a change.

Its one big open room and you can see right into the kitchen.
 I'm looking for two chairs to balance one side of the room
since the boys little table and chairs are on their way out...

I'm moving the rug into the hubs' office.
The coral and florals are moving to Laura's house.
I'm loving the Wisteria coffee table.
Its the perfect size for the room I think.
We had to reorient the tv to the other side of the room
when we had our internet debacle earlier this month.
Oh and my husband decided the kids need another pet
so he bought a super huge fish tank.
{I'm rolling my eyes as I type this because guess who
gets to clean up and take care of said aquarium?}
So that tank is now where you see the tv above.
{still rolling my eyes}
Mary Ann suggested two wing back chairs.
I've been looking but you know me -
I like a deal.
Especially when I'm pretty sure
no matter what the cost
I'll be replacing them in a few years
once the boys grow up
and stop climbing furniture like mountaineers.
So I've been looking and pinning.
The other day 
I saw this chair
Interesting right?
Little bit different.
Overstock baby. :)
I've been thinking about it.
Then I saw this picture...
Cote de Texas | A Ginger Barber Country House | Photos by Nick Johnson
and I'm pretty sure I love it even more.

Then today I see this...

Katama Chair

and this...

Jonis Armchair and Ottoman, Yellow on
 both via one kings lane

{but for a thousand bucks more than my find.}

I don't know though.
They're pretty modern.
We're pretty...old traditional
in our furniture choices.
May have to take a vote on this one too.
I'll do a round up post soon and ask for opinions. :)
In the meantime if you like the overstock one
you might want to buy it sooner than later.
Think there's only a few in stock.


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