Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bookshelf styling

I was perusing over the weekend
looking for stuff for a friend of mine
when I stumbled on a few affordable finds
that I put under my {{bookshelf styling} board on pinterest...

starburst statue
This starburst statue had me at hello.
Is it weird that I thought about this tchotchke all day Sunday.
And all day Monday.
Then Tuesday...still obsessed
I went to not just one but two targets looking for it.
I know.
I'm not right.
Maybe it was me looping around the store six or seven times
looking on every end cap and aisle in between like a mad woman.
And maybe I did ask more than one employee to look it up
on the store inventory...which was wrong at both stores I might add.
I was like a dog with a bone.
And it was not pretty.
Turns out my peep Laura has a target red card
so she ordered one for me and one for her :)
with the red card she got free shipping and 5% off
PLUS right now target is having a buy one,
get 30% off a second décor item so she got that discount too!
I love a deal...don't you?

In store I did manage to score this brass bowl
on clearance for $13...

brass bowl

thinking it would be great for Laura's house
perched on top of a couple of books
on her console under the television
that her husband hung on the wall
or maybe in her entry way to
throw keys and loose change in.
and for me I scored this egret ...

I know what you're thinking.
An egret?
Has she lost her mind?
Go with me on this...
remember this painting in our bedroom?

that my husband gave me?

This was my push present for baby #3.
The artist put a little egret in the painting to represent him...

Make sense now?

I love it.
And that it too was on clearance for like $7.
I'm sorry.
I like saving money.
And if that's wrong
I don't want to be right.

And if you like any of these
hurry on up over to target while supplies last.

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