Friday, October 18, 2013

but it was on the way home...

I had to trek out to Katy, Texas yesterday.
Long story.
I made a trip out of it though.
On the way there I stopped off to see my sweet peep Annette.
She is building a new home and asked if I could cast a vote
about their exterior color choice.
I'm afraid I was wasn't much help.
I liked all of the ones they had samples of.
I'm a Libra you know.
And I'm kicking myself because I didn't take any pictures.
But I will next time.
If she lets me :)
So I left there and stopped at my favorite drive through taco place.
Not the one with "bell" in the name.
This one leans toward Cuban...
think grilled shrimp tacos
with a lime cilantro sauce.
Sweet heaven.
With a bag of chips.
Of course :)
So then I drove out to Katy and accomplished my mission.
On the way home I got to thinking...
there's a Home Goods on I-10.
Its on the way home.
Should I stop?
Heck yeah was my reply.
Here's what caught my eye...
driftwood trees...think these were 29 smacks.
I resisted these thinking...
"who else besides me would use driftwood trees
as holiday decorations? Not everybody loves the coast like I do."

Well I was wrong and now am kicking myself today.
I got my Restoration Hardware catalog yesterday
and they had some of these for $79!
RUN to your local homegoods store today if you like these.
I've calmed down.
These trays also caught my eye
but I thought my husband would be irritated
because they weren't exactly cheap.

I also liked these but remember my boys use things as weapons right now...
Holiday wreath anyone?
the roses are made of wood...very pretty and only $29.
And lastly I saw these baskets and my heart went pitter patter...

If you see more of these at your store
give me a holler and leave a comment...
I need one more of the oval shape
pretty please.
It fits perfectly on the sofa console table...
which is what I'm working on today...
the family room.
Think moving furniture and rugs.
Stay tuned.
Hope you have a happy day!



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