Monday, October 28, 2013


 Remember when I did
 this post on my love for screen doors
over the summer?
Specifically that I wanted this one

Screen Tight�Chippendale 32-in Favorite Green Wood Screen Door

Well over the weekend
I noticed Lisa Mende pin this picture...

Chippendale screened doors

So I left a comment telling her
"you can get a door like this at Lowes."
And then I emailed her a copy of the link.
Which then reminded me that I'd shown my husband
the door and he told me to go ahead and get one.
That was a few months ago...
around the time of the kitchen reno.
I had forgotten all about it.
So in looking for the link to send Lisa
I realized Lowes was out of stock of my green Chippendale door.
Putting it on my list of things to do.

 Now it seems like I'm noticing
Chippendale accents everywhere.
 Like the pin below.
classic • casual • home: Beach Home and Garden Tour

I should not have been surprised to click through
and find that this gate was featured
by Mary Ann on
 classic casual home.
{Hands down one of my favorite blogs.}
Now I just need her friend Debbie's house to go with it :)

No kidding when I say just this morning I saw this pin...
via Lucy Williams Interior Design

Much prettier than any baby gate I ever used?
Am I right?

Which got me to thinking...
I'd noticed this during my online search...
Screen Tight Chippendale Unfinished 29-3/8-in x 25-7/8-in Screen Door Insert

What is it?
That's what I thought too.
Its a screen door insert.
I know.
Who knew?

After more digging I found that
you can buy the insert above
along with this door
{also from Lowes}

Screen Tight�Woodcraft 32-in Natural Wood Screen Door
and make your own Chippendale door!
Add some Kelly green paint
and viola!
you have the green Chippendale door above.
And for that matter 
I think you could
use one of these inserts to make a baby gate
or even a doggie gate.
why couldn't you just build a frame around it
add some hinges etc...
And since my husband is over having babies
and I refuse to get a dog
{its a long story}
I'll take door number one please
and go with the screen door option.
Stay tuned...
I'm going to Lowes tomorrow.

And in case you need more Chippendale
you can get planters like this...

at Home Depot...

Who knew?

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