Friday, October 11, 2013

cooking lesson

Before school started my friend Tarsy
kindly said she'd teach me
an easy peasy recipe for roast chicken.
I went to the grocery store to grab items on the shopping list
she'd given me to gather before meeting at her house.
Sounds easy right?
I got to the meat section and panicked.
I was overwhelmed by the choices and didn't know what to buy.
Funny right?
Yeah, that was me taking a picture so that I could text it to her.
People stared.
I stared back like "what? you've never seen somebody
taking pictures of chicken before?"

 Well now you have.
In case you're interested in the recipe
Is it weird that I've got my boys hooked on her show?
They come home from school now
and we sit together and watch it
as they unwind from their day.
Strange but true.
Tarsy was very patient with me.
Especially when I had a breakdown when she told me
that we had to take the innards out before we stuffed our chicken
with the rosemary, lemons, and garlic.
Say what?
Thank God she had gloves.
I love the way she rolls.
And because I needed proof that I had cooked the chicken
and not bought it at the store
I took a picture for the hubs.
Well... really for all of you...

I don't know about you but I'm impressed.
So while the chickens roasted we made dessert...

Click here for the recipe for

Thanks again to Tarsy for her patience with me.
Come Thanksgiving time
I think I'll be able to handle
cooking my first turkey.
Stay tuned for that milestone too...

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