Wednesday, October 9, 2013

he's back....

I put Frank back up on the front door...
I've admitted before
that Halloween is not my favorite thing
but I'm trying to roll with it.
In case you missed it last year
I used this pin as my inspiration
I want to do this
Using white and black foam board from Hobby Lobby
I sketched out the shapes free-hand
before using an exact-o knife to cut out
the hair, bandage, eyes, and teeth.
Our mail slot is the "mouth"
but you could just cut out a rectangle shape.
I used the 3M reusable mounting strips
and also painters tape to hold everything up.
The two spiders I bought from the dollar bin at Target.
I used a needle from my sewing bin
(the kind with the big round bulb at the end that you use for hems}
and pushed through from the back side of the poster board
then pushed the spider onto the needle
to make it stay put
{last year I used tape and they kept falling down}.
I'm thinking of adding this design to our garage door...
Bat-and-Cat Garage Door Design
 To download the template click here.
I have the cats and bats cut out
but the fence was taking forever...
going to try to find some black masking tape
to see if I can rig an easy peasy fence
that won't fall down every time I open the garage.
Stay tuned...this may take me another year to complete. :)

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  1. So impressed!!! I can't seem to even get a pumpkin out this year...just too darn busy with the kids' after school and weekend activities. The door is just adorable and the garage door is awesome! I think because my youngest are now 13 I am much more lazy about holiday décor.


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