Tuesday, October 29, 2013

how they'd get this picture of me?

Must read for Moms,
Just kidding.
I think.
In any case I need this book.
How about you?
Have you become the parent you never thought you'd be?
I have.
If I'm being honest.
I'll go one further to
admit I never thought parenthood would be this hard.
And scarily enough I know its only going to get harder.
With all the craziness in the world today
I am dreading the teenage years.
I have hope though...
I have girlfriends who are awesome role models
and whose children have turned out beautifully.
Don't think I'm not secretly taking notes because I am.
{Any feel free to email me parenting tips because I'll gladly take them.}
I find myself saying things that I swore I'd never say...
things my parents said to me...
I bet you do the same thing.
I definitely understand my parents more with every passing year.
Some things I do better than they did...or maybe just different.
I'll call it progress and be thankful for it.
I'm definitely learning that this is such a fleeting time.
It took me a while to learn that.
I wished someone had told me sooner.
Or rather I wished I'd listened sooner.
I'm trying to be present more...
when they are around
to be in the moment with them,
not just trying to get it all done
because you know me
I like to scratch things off my to-do list.
I'm working on it.
I'm still a work in progress...
aren't we all?
Funny story though about trying to be present...
Last night after we got every body ready for bed
I told the twins to grab a book and meet me in my room...
that we'd all get in the bed and read together
but separately since they have to log at least 30 minutes
of reading on their own every night for school.
So one of them said he'd rather read on his own in his room.
He's a loner by nature.
I thought about it for a minute.
Maybe I was wrong for this...
but I told him that pretty soon
in the blink of an eye
he'd be going off to school
and that he'd have the rest of his life to read on his own
but for now,
for tonight at least
I wanted to just be in the same room with them
while we all settled down for the night.
But I left it as his choice.
It took him a minute before he popped into the room
with me and his brother.
I'm not sure how long I lasted
but my husband told me that I feel asleep first.
The boys stayed a while reading and then tip toed out.
I was present while sleeping.
Do you think that counts?

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