Wednesday, October 23, 2013

modern dilemma

You know I'm still working on updating our family room.
Quietly that is.
Since my husband figured out that I'm a serial decorator.
Define that you say?
Well, I go from one room to the next.
Finish the whole house.
And start again.
Like a circle with no end.
I know.
I have issues.
But the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.
So my goal is to finish the kitchen reno asap...

then "finish" the family room.
Then try my best not to redo anything in this house.
Did I mention that I keep dropping hints that we should move?

Two little things left to do in the kitchen.
1. I ordered the roman shade and once its here...
2. we can finalize the paint color for the kitchen island.
In the meantime
I'm working on a few things in the family room.
On the down-low.
So that my husband doesn't blow a gasket. :)
We love it now but I'm ready for a change.

Its one big open room and you can see right into the kitchen.
 I'm looking for two chairs to balance one side of the room
since the boys little table and chairs are on their way out...

I'm moving the rug into the hubs' office.
The coral and florals are moving to Laura's house.
I'm loving the Wisteria coffee table.
Its the perfect size for the room I think.
We had to reorient the tv to the other side of the room
when we had our internet debacle earlier this month.
Oh and my husband decided the kids need another pet
so he bought a super huge fish tank.
{I'm rolling my eyes as I type this because guess who
gets to clean up and take care of said aquarium?}
So that tank is now where you see the tv above.
{still rolling my eyes}
Mary Ann suggested two wing back chairs.
I've been looking but you know me -
I like a deal.
Especially when I'm pretty sure
no matter what the cost
I'll be replacing them in a few years
once the boys grow up
and stop climbing furniture like mountaineers.
So I've been looking and pinning.
The other day 
I saw this chair
Interesting right?
Little bit different.
Overstock baby. :)
I've been thinking about it.
Then I saw this picture...
Cote de Texas | A Ginger Barber Country House | Photos by Nick Johnson
and I'm pretty sure I love it even more.

Then today I see this...

Katama Chair

and this...

Jonis Armchair and Ottoman, Yellow on
 both via one kings lane

{but for a thousand bucks more than my find.}

I don't know though.
They're pretty modern.
We're pretty...old traditional
in our furniture choices.
May have to take a vote on this one too.
I'll do a round up post soon and ask for opinions. :)
In the meantime if you like the overstock one
you might want to buy it sooner than later.
Think there's only a few in stock.


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  1. I can relate... I have the same "issues" :D
    Your kitchen is great! LOVE the light fixtures!
    Good luck on your chair search ... love what you have found so far!


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