Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday!
Not sure what to call this post
other than randoms from October...
I picked up this purple porter weed at the science museum gift shop.
I know.
Who knew you could buy plants there?
we took a trip to the butterfly museum
{if you're ever in Houston you should go!}
this is a weird shot but a butterfly landed on my toe
and sat there for the longest time.
my boys thought it was hysterical
and a sign of good luck :)
Back to drinking my green smoothies...
My skin has never looked better.
I'm sure its the coconut oil and the wheat grass.

There are a ton of recipes on pinterest
but here's what I do...
one banana
one cup of whatever fruit I have around
{strawberries, pineapple, or blueberries}
a tablespoon or so of coconut oil
a tablespoon of wheat grass powder
enough water to make the blades spin
sometimes I add a cup or so of greek yogurt for added protein
I blend everything together then add a ton of spinach.
Then blend it again and it goes from this...
to this...

Now listen.
I'm not going to lie.
Sometimes its hard to get this down.
It doesn't taste horrible.
It just takes some getting used to.
You may want to do everything but add the wheatgrass to start.
Over time add wheatgrass...its an acquired taste.
But it is so good for you.
On a terrific note...
my Dad got his new leg...

and is learning how to walk again.
He's lost over twenty pounds in the process too
because of all the physical therapy.
We are so proud of him :)
{Yes, that's Gunsmoke on the tv in the background. :)}
One of the twins had a school assignment to make a postcard.
He drew one of fishing at Palmetto Bluff...

So cute.
I wish I had a before photo...
I went outside one day to cut back a few limbs on a tree in our front yard.
Just to get it away from the second floor window.
While I was doing this
a truck from a local tree company drove by.
I saw him and he saw me.
He parked his truck across the street.
I ignored him.
He sat there no lie watching me trim this tree.
He was waiting for me to give up
and ask for his company to trim the trees.
Made me more determined.
He gave up after 30 minutes.
I'm not kidding.
I however did not give up.
This tree was about up to the middle of the second story window.
I only had a short step ladder.
What's a girl to do?
I climbed the tree.
That's where the yard crew for someone down the street saw me.
And came over and asked me if I was ok.
I said
{I know you think I've lost my mind but I've got this.}
He goes "lady, let me get my ladder."
I climbed down.
I was nearly done after all...
I let him finish the part at the very top
that I probably would have died trying to reach.
It took me two hours to cut all that.
It took him five minutes with his tall ladder and chainsaw.
Sometimes you have to know when to accept help.
Or at least have the proper tools.
On a productive note I finally got a GPS running watch...
After five years of long distance running :)
Love it!
My friends love it too because I no longer
ask them repeatedly how far we've run
and what time it is.
Running a half marathon this weekend so this will come in handy :)
Hubs sent flowers for my birthday.
These lilies are the last live ones from the bunch...

Nothing like a punch of orange in the fall to make me smile.
And still loving my home goods baskets...
just trying to figure out where to put them all...

We're getting there.
Slowly but surely.
Now I just have to get motivated to hang the new white drapes.
I need a longer curtain rod to add two additional panels.
One that will span the four French doors in the back.
I need it to be massively long.
I've been perplexed by this.
It finally hit me what I can use.
One word.
I'm going to Lowes...
I'll let you know what I find.

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