Thursday, October 10, 2013

technical difficulties

I don't want to jinx anything
but I think we're back in business.
Our internet service has been wonky since
we "bundled" all of our services together with one company.
By wonky I mean we had internet for like
five minutes a day
for nearly two weeks.
Not good when you're addicted to pinterest and blogs.
We made the switch to another company yesterday
and fingers crossed its all working.
I think.
A little something I learned
throughout this whole debacle was that
if you call your carrier and threaten to cancel
miraculously they offer you a monthly discount
to keep your business...who knew?
That happened twice to us recently.
I even had one customer service guy say
that when the discount he gave us ends
to call back again and do the same thing
{because the new discount price would only last six months}
I was like "are you sure you should be telling me this?"
Glad that he did though...I'll take the extra money
and spend it on something for the house :)
Ok...crossing my fingers that our connections continue to work.
Enjoy your day!

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