Saturday, November 30, 2013

golden gifts

These caught my eye recently...
Love this Mini Appetizer Plates - Set of 8 for $48 on C. Wonder
Its a set of appetizer plates.
But seriously my first thought when I saw them was
how cute would these be to give as little jewelry trays?
Like on your bathroom vanity to put your earrings?
These also caught my eye...
Love this Brass Decorative Animal for $98 on C. Wonder
via C Wonder
reminds me of my recent target find :) 
{and proves I got a sweet deal :) }
 and how cute is this set

Love this Initial Here Monogram Gift Box for $48 on C. Wonder
via cwonder

I'm a sucker for monograms you know.
And for chevron...
Love this Monogram Chevron Stationery Set for $10 on C. Wonder
how about combine the two?
A stationary set for ten bucks...LOVES!

Best part?
C Wonder is currently having a sale
where if you buy 3 items
you can use the code "GIFTS30"
to get 30% off
plus free shipping for orders over $75.
Time to get your gift-giving on!

cute dress alert

is this not the perfect
post-thanksgiving dress?
Hive & Honey Banded Knit Maxi Dress | Piperlime
with the most perfect placement of ruching?
Its by hive & cute is that name?
but you can get it for 25% at piperlime
using the code "GIFT"
but hurry that code expires today.

back on track

I've been dreading today.
Saturdays are always the day we do our longest run of the week.
I haven't run in three weeks.
I haven't done anything more strenuous than cough during that time.
That's the longest break I've taken since I was pregnant.
I debated about going.
Thought up every excuse plausible.
But I went anyway.
I got home today and my husband asked his usual question.
How was it?
I made it I told him.
I didn't think I could.
But I did it.
How far? he asked.
Ten miles.
He goes "are you crazy?
You just got over the flu."
He paused.
Waiting for me to react.
I just stared at him.
"And you haven't done anything in three weeks!
I thought you were going to ease back in?"
 I thought to myself.
Like stretching and strength training
It hurt.
I'm not going to lie.
It STILL hurts.
And I will probably be barely able to walk all day.
But go with me...
I'm over 40.
I love to eat.
I never met a carb I didn't like.
I'm over 40.
That bares repeating.
I love my running peeps.
and because
Its ok to take breaks.
But its important to get back to it.
Never stay idle.
What's the point of that?
Start small.
Then build from there.
Baby steps.
One day at a time.
Its true for any goal really.
{don't do like I did...I have a half marathon in a few weeks
or I totally would have started small again}
You just gotta start.
A year from now you'll be glad you did.
The time will pass any way.
Why not have something to show for it?

Thursday, November 28, 2013


quote box made on
Hope you all have a day full of good food
surrounded by those you love.
We are having our feast this afternoon.
Just the five of us.
My husband had to go into work this morning.
One of the boys complained about him not being home all day.
At first I tried to soothe him saying that we'd just eat a bit later
but then I got a bit annoyed
telling him that his Daddy didn't WANT to work today
but that he had to...people are sick and need care even on holidays.
That instead he should be thankful that his dad
could help people feel better.
And of course I may have lectured that he should
be thankful that his dad had a job that affords us a lovely life.
Count your blessings,
not your problems
was the moral of my story.
His twin whinjed earlier in the week
that we would not be traveling to visit family
and that it would just be our core little group of five.
Yes I told him.
I would miss everybody too
but that we'd have our own little feast and merriment.
And even though a holiday CAN be better
when spent with lots of people
I'm thankful that we have so many people in our lives,
both related by blood and some not,
that I consider to be family to us.
We're not together this year but we are all happy and healthy.
We should be thankful because there are some
 people in this world that are all by themselves for whatever reason.
If you know somebody who has no one to spend today with
you might consider adding a chair to your table
and inviting them over.
Just throwing that idea out there...
maybe you'll add a person to your extended family today
with that little gesture that will mean a lot.
Who knows :)
No matter who you spend today with
I hope its happy :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

dropping hints

You know I'm a sucker for geometrics.
Especially in navy blue...
J.Crew - Ceramic jewelry tray
I may have bought this ceramic tray for my kitchen.
While I shopped for Christmas gifts online.
To go right here right under the bridge faucet ...
where it will hide
{I hope}
the little seam where the two slabs of Caesarstone meet.
Its the right size
its definitely the right price.
Best part?
J Crew is currently having a 30% off sale
using the code
and if my husband is reading this
and needs a gift idea
of what to buy me...
J.Crew - Excursion quilted vest in stripe
Just saying. :)
{use the code above to save 30%}

back to work we go

After being floored for the past two weeks
by first a cold and then the flu
I am BACK!
And I feel the need to get stuff done.
I'm sure you all are busy bees too
trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.
I'm conquered the mountain of laundry
that had grown exponentially and
went to the grocery store to get the makings
Can I share something weird?
I knew who the Pioneer Woman was
{otherwise known as Ree Drummond}
 but only recently became aware
of her cooking show on the food network.
I turned it on by fluke one day
right after the boys got home from school.
We all sat there and watched it together.
No fussing, no fighting, no nothing.
Just quiet as we all just watched.
The boys love the part where she explains
what's going on that day on her ranch.
I love that her recipes seem easy peasy.
And yummy too.
But I think I love it more that my boys all settle down
when we watch her show together.
Is that weird?
In any event I will be dreaming of these
until I make them on Thursday.
Click here to see Ree's recipe.
What's on your dinner menu?

Monday, November 25, 2013


When I told my husband that I was looking
for a new rug for our family room
he kind of gave me a dirty look
and said
"not another one!
How many are you going to buy for that room?"
I admit it.
My name is Nancy
and I have a thing for area rugs.
Among other things.
But you already knew that.
So his comment got me to thinking...
how many HAVE I gone through?
Its not my fault though.
When you have three little boys
who love to run
and play
and eat
and throw stuff
and let's face it -
when they're little
they spit up
and well,
things tend to get dirty
and carpets get stained.
And we all know I have OCD when it comes to cleaning.
Maybe you should start a list on my issues.
Clearly I have issues.
I counted five in the past five years.
That's bad right?
One was red, black, and floral.
I almost posted a picture but didn't want you to hold it against me.
Needless to say I think I was going for a camouflage effect
when they boys were little bitty...thinking the pattern would hide stains.
After that there were two plain sisals,
no three now that I think about it.
Each time I would buy a slightly larger one.
Not sure why I just didn't buy the size I needed from the start.
I think I was just working with what I had.
I bought this one for a steal from overstock
a few years ago after I made the pillows and hip chocolate floral drapes.

I scored it for $279 before they did a price hike to over $800.

This is where we are now...

but soon this rug (its 8 x 11) will be moved to my husband's office
and this neutral lovely will ground this room

I scored a 9 x 12 from Rugs USA
marked down from $697 to $209.
I'd been stalking this one from overstock
specifically a 10 x 14 but its been out of stock.
I wanted the size just not the price of $520.
So today I took a chance and ordered it...
its slightly smaller but half the price.
I think its a win - win
since you know nothing is static around here.
The hip chocolate and coral is on the way out
to make way for a more coastal vibe.
I'm considering navy blue slipcovers...more on that another day.
In the meantime if you need a new rug
be sure and look at their 70% off sale
at RUGS USA going on now.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

it's here!

The roman shade for the kitchen window arrived.
Now I just have to find the energy to figure out how to hang it :)

here comes the sun

Well not really.
Its cold and rainy and overcast outside today.
And I love it!
The perfect day to stay in and snuggle.
We're starting to right our ship
after we got blown over by influenza A.
I'll spare you the details but it has been UGLY.
A little behind the scenes of this week...
Everyone would start off in their own beds
and then one by one
they'd come in,
 not feeling well,
 and climb in.
My poor husband was relegated to the end of the bed.
That's him under a towel and throw blanket.
God love that man.
He's a keeper.
That's for sure.
Oh. And another thing to be sure of.
We should invest in a king size bed.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

pretty prints

I've always loved pretty prints.
Especially landscapes and botanicals.
Even before I became addicted to DIY
I would buy calendars
then cut them up
to frame the pictures
for easy and affordable art.
I did it with an Anne Geddes calendar with pictures
of baby twins when we had ours.
I'd show you but the only picture of the nursery
includes me proudly baring my swollen seventh month belly
(if I told you I was measuring beyond 40 weeks
by about my 26th week of pregnancy
then you might understand why I'm not posting it.
I'm surprised I didn't explode :) }
Needless to say
some things should not be shared on the net.

Back to the story...
I've used books, calendars,
even greeting cards for wall art.
I have a sweet card that a great aunt sent to me...
remember the days when people actually wrote to each other?
On the cover is a beautiful rose
and inside is a note in my Aunt Frances'
beautifully delicate handwriting.
That card is now framed in a beautiful gold frame
and I think of her whenever I see it.

A year or two ago I scored a box of Audubon bird prints
on clearance from barnes and noble.
I wanted to do something like this...

Very chic black and white bathroom via Mix and Chic!
via mix and
The only thing preventing me from doing this project
is a lack of wall space.
Well, that and the fact that I'm loving on
beachy décor like shells and coral.
I'm waiting on the birds for now
and instead intend
to move some of our art work around
to make room for something like this

Bungalow Blue Interiors - Home - DIY: grid gallery wall
via bungalow blue interiors

My plan was to use this book

and tear it apart to frame the pages individually.
I noticed it online first but thought
I could just run around the corner to my local B&N.
Of course it wasn't available at my store.
And then of course it is
no longer available on their site.
Although I've since found it on amazon
where the price was quadrupled.
So I put the project on hold
because I was irritated
that my own procrastination
cost me a sweet DIY deal.
I know.
I'm not right. 
Never fear - with some things
I am like a bulldog with a bone.
 You may remember that I've posted before
about the awesome website
you can find images of everything
you heart desires for decorating
like these little beauties...
Animal – Sea shell 3 | Vintage Printable
and this
Animal - Crustaceans and related - Blue crab

Pretty sweet huh?

 Recently I stumbled on another
FANTASTIC treasure trove...
a flickr website called
where you can download pictures for
projects like the one I have in mind.
{each picture gives info on what you can download...
so to clarify all these beautiful images you see below
are from the Biodiversity Heritage Library
except where other sources are noted}
I'm obviously in love with shells and coral
since that's the vibe I'm going for in our family room reno...
but you can search for anything in their vast library
{it just takes a little time to figure it out...
or at least it did me
but then you know that
I consider myself technically challenged}
I was reminded of this picture I'd long ago pinned...
raenovate: mapped out media room


when I saw this on BHL...
and I sent the link to a bunch of these

to my peep Kelly
whose sons are into fishing 
because how awesome would a couple of
these be in their rooms?

And this
reminded me of Lauren Leiss' work
 I could go on and on but I think you get my point.
This site is beyond beautiful especially with their botanicals
and they even have Audubon plates...
{including some of the ones in the set I bought}
those are my absolute favorites!
Definitely check out the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Its a recent find that I am oh so thankful for.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what are you doing?

was the first line of the text my sister just sent.
Followed by
"where's your blog post of the day?
I always read it at lunch."
Very sweet.
She was one of the reasons I started this blog...
so that we could stay in better touch.
But she never leaves comments on the blog.
Just saying.
At least I know now that she reads it :)
Now let me share what I'm doing...

Water - big wave..

Not in Hawaii.
See that person in the water...
pretend that's me.
That big wave?
That would be the flu.
Influenza type A to be exact.
It has not been pretty.
The last kid started with fever last night.
He had a good run of
fighting off the germs around here
but in the end
our little petri dish we call home
got the best of him.
As it did all of us.
Like the scary part of a horror movie
that you KNOW is coming.
It brought all of us to our knees.
If you have not yet gotten a flu shot or the flu mist
you may want to go to your doctor's office
to check into that option ASAP.
I wish I hadn't waited.
I will be taking my crew
once we all are well again
to get ours in the hopes of
not getting this junk again.
Stay well my friends.

Monday, November 18, 2013

every superhero needs a cape right?

I saw this pin
Poncho! Hunter boots! Fall is coming!
and was reminded of what
I picked up at Target
a couple of weeks ago...
Cape Sweater #Target #Merona #FallCollection
merona cape from target...
{I didn't see the link online to share
but check your local store}
now we just need some cooler weather to wear it :)
Its back to the 80's...and humid.
Come on Fall.
I need you!
We're waiting :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

so true...


don't hate me

for another chevron post.
But I had to show you this....
peaks red-orange napkin  | CB2
Hear me out.
and its the perfect pillow size...
22 inches square.
And its under eight bucks.
You could even just buy one
and have a different fabric backing.
Bada bing...reversible pillow.
They also have it in blue.
Just saying.
If you're like me
and both a pillow addict
and obsessed with chevron
then you're welcome.
If you're not then please know
we will resume regular
non-chevron based posts tomorrow.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

blogger tutorial - DIY decorative spheres

I'm a sucker for decorative spheres.
I never met a topiary ball I didn't like.
If you've seen my house you know this is true.
That's not a bad thing.
Is it?
Like this one.
I grabbed it for a couple of dollars at Hobby Lobby...
 I saw more the other day when I was making
a mad dash for the porcupine costume
I had twenty four hours to come up with
{more on that another day}
but these were made of green berries instead of moss covered.
I have some of each.
Maybe I do have a problem.

just fyi...
in case you have a penchant for these too
you can find them by the
faux succulents at Hobby Lobby.
I resisted the urge to buy these.
You should be proud of me.
I was a woman on a mission for faux fur.
Don't ask.
Back to the balls...
{love their boxwood topiaries by the way}
By now it should be of no surprise that
 I pinned these decorative spheres from west elm
Veneer Spheres  Small: 7"diam. x 7"h. • Large: 12"diam. x 12"h. $15-$26
Then the other day I saw this pin
Knock off West Elm decorative spheres for just a few dollars! Three sizes and they fit anywhere! |
and put it on my DIY tutorials board
aka the things I think I can do one day if I have time...
So while I passed up buying more berry balls
I remembered the above pin while at HL
and maybe I did wander over to the aisle
where they stock embroidery hoops.
I grabbed two of the smallest ones
to try out in case
since they were under a dollar each.
As long as I'm here I may as well scratch one pin off my list right?
After I spray painted the spiky colander porcupine hat
for my son's school presentation
I put one of the spheres together
following the tutorial at rappsody in rooms
I split up the two I bought
and used three of the hoops
so I had one left over...
Note: HL only sold single hoops
but I checked michaels yesterday
while I was there for more paint
and they have the multi packs of hoops
I waited til I have a coupon in hand. :)
Just fyi...
I would advise painting the individual hoops
you put them together as spheres...
think you get more paint on the sphere
and less on your hands that way.
Live and learn.
I'm definitely going to buy the multi-pack
and make more of these...
it was easy peasy
and much cheaper than the west elm versions.
And yes that is an oyster shell above.
That's been on my to do list since July.
More on that later too.
In the meantime be sure and click over to rappsody in rooms

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