Thursday, November 28, 2013


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Hope you all have a day full of good food
surrounded by those you love.
We are having our feast this afternoon.
Just the five of us.
My husband had to go into work this morning.
One of the boys complained about him not being home all day.
At first I tried to soothe him saying that we'd just eat a bit later
but then I got a bit annoyed
telling him that his Daddy didn't WANT to work today
but that he had to...people are sick and need care even on holidays.
That instead he should be thankful that his dad
could help people feel better.
And of course I may have lectured that he should
be thankful that his dad had a job that affords us a lovely life.
Count your blessings,
not your problems
was the moral of my story.
His twin whinjed earlier in the week
that we would not be traveling to visit family
and that it would just be our core little group of five.
Yes I told him.
I would miss everybody too
but that we'd have our own little feast and merriment.
And even though a holiday CAN be better
when spent with lots of people
I'm thankful that we have so many people in our lives,
both related by blood and some not,
that I consider to be family to us.
We're not together this year but we are all happy and healthy.
We should be thankful because there are some
 people in this world that are all by themselves for whatever reason.
If you know somebody who has no one to spend today with
you might consider adding a chair to your table
and inviting them over.
Just throwing that idea out there...
maybe you'll add a person to your extended family today
with that little gesture that will mean a lot.
Who knows :)
No matter who you spend today with
I hope its happy :)

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