Thursday, November 14, 2013

blogger tutorial - DIY decorative spheres

I'm a sucker for decorative spheres.
I never met a topiary ball I didn't like.
If you've seen my house you know this is true.
That's not a bad thing.
Is it?
Like this one.
I grabbed it for a couple of dollars at Hobby Lobby...
 I saw more the other day when I was making
a mad dash for the porcupine costume
I had twenty four hours to come up with
{more on that another day}
but these were made of green berries instead of moss covered.
I have some of each.
Maybe I do have a problem.

just fyi...
in case you have a penchant for these too
you can find them by the
faux succulents at Hobby Lobby.
I resisted the urge to buy these.
You should be proud of me.
I was a woman on a mission for faux fur.
Don't ask.
Back to the balls...
{love their boxwood topiaries by the way}
By now it should be of no surprise that
 I pinned these decorative spheres from west elm
Veneer Spheres  Small: 7"diam. x 7"h. • Large: 12"diam. x 12"h. $15-$26
Then the other day I saw this pin
Knock off West Elm decorative spheres for just a few dollars! Three sizes and they fit anywhere! |
and put it on my DIY tutorials board
aka the things I think I can do one day if I have time...
So while I passed up buying more berry balls
I remembered the above pin while at HL
and maybe I did wander over to the aisle
where they stock embroidery hoops.
I grabbed two of the smallest ones
to try out in case
since they were under a dollar each.
As long as I'm here I may as well scratch one pin off my list right?
After I spray painted the spiky colander porcupine hat
for my son's school presentation
I put one of the spheres together
following the tutorial at rappsody in rooms
I split up the two I bought
and used three of the hoops
so I had one left over...
Note: HL only sold single hoops
but I checked michaels yesterday
while I was there for more paint
and they have the multi packs of hoops
I waited til I have a coupon in hand. :)
Just fyi...
I would advise painting the individual hoops
you put them together as spheres...
think you get more paint on the sphere
and less on your hands that way.
Live and learn.
I'm definitely going to buy the multi-pack
and make more of these...
it was easy peasy
and much cheaper than the west elm versions.
And yes that is an oyster shell above.
That's been on my to do list since July.
More on that later too.
In the meantime be sure and click over to rappsody in rooms

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