Tuesday, November 12, 2013

blogger tutorial - DIY industrial coffee table

Remember how I bought this table from Wisteria?

for our family room reno.
I know.
I really need to finish that room.
I will...its just that the rug I wanted/needed/searched for
and found at a really good deal
sold out.
Hate it when that happens.
Back to the table though...
I really really love the one we bought from Wisteria.
Its perfect for the room.
The boys love it too...very manly.
As in they sit and crawl all over it.
But I have to admit when I saw this
$75 DIY Coffee Table
I was like "aw man."
I could have totally done that instead and saved $$$.
Let's be real.
There's no way I could have built this myself.
But maybe you can ...if you have the druthers.
She had me fooled...I thought she just put a wood top
on a steel frame but no...
that sucker is all wood!
Seriously click through and read her tutorial.
You'll be amazed.

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