Monday, November 11, 2013

drivin' by

We drove by a house on the way home from church yesterday.
I've often noticed it before...its well kept
and I know they updated it a few years ago.
Today it was for sale.
Of course the first thing I did when we got home
was run to the computer to stalk
to see the details on it.
Its already sale pending.
Oh and there's another little hiccup...
my husband doesn't want to move.
Minor details.
But I say dream big or go home.
So I'm dreaming about moving.
Even if its in our same neighborhood.
We've lived in this 'hood for over a decade.
Last time we moved was five years ago.
Man, THAT was a long hard move.
We moved all the way...
 across the street.
People do that around here.
Is that weird?
And I think I would do another short move for this...
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but then again...
what would I do if I wasn't updating something?
Guess its a good thing its sold.

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